Hillary Moves Hard to Port

Hillary Clinton has been running around acting like a moderate. People who know her and those who have read her history know that she is as far left as they come but she is a Clinton and therefore ready, willing, and able to abandon principle to gain in politics. She pretends to support the troops though she hates the military and demonstrated that hatred for the eight years she and Bill infested the White House. Hillary has supported the war effort, or at least gave that appearance and she even resisted efforts by people like Murtha to redeploy which is a fancy Democratic word for cut and run.

Hillary was out recently and said that we needed to start redeploying. She said that she had hoped to have this start by the end of the year and that we needed to reduce our troop strength in Iraq and start redeploying. Hillary is content that she has her reelection bid in the New York Senate race all wrapped up and is now turning her attention to the White House in 2008. She now needs to soothe the savages on the far left by throwing them a few bones to prove she is really a moonbat like the rest. She saw what the anti war crowd did to Lieberman and she knows Feingold has his eyes on the prize and that he is the only one to oppose the war from the beginning.

Hillary is now titling back to the left so she can sure up her base in the next two years. She is well aware that these mindless drones will forget what she has done in order to appear moderate and many will, if she stays hard left, applaud her for being so brilliant a tactician.

Regardless of what she does or does not do, you can throw her in the pile of people who are CUT AND RUN. She is finally showing her true colors and those colors run. Once again, a member of America’s left has shown her true self and the picture is not very pretty.

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