Hillary Might Be Learning

Hilary Clinton found out the hard way that it is not a good idea to lie about something if there is credible evidence to the contrary. She stated that she went to Bosnia and was under sniper fire and she had to duck her head and run. This story was told several times until CBS aired a video of the trip that contradicts everything Hillary claimed. Despite her assertions that she was tired or that it was her first misstatement in 12 years or that she really was under fire but it was somewhere else (where was that exactly) the fact is she lied and she got caught.

It was reported earlier this week that Hilary Clinton and her First Husband in waiting have had conversations with the super delegates and have told them that Barack Obama cannot win the nomination. Hillary was asked if she had said that to Bill Richardson and she answered by saying that there was a lot of back and forth about who said what and that she did not discuss private conversations. When pressed by a reporter who asked if her answer meant “no” she said it did.

Most people would take that to mean the answer to whether or not she had told Richardson that Obama could not win was no but the Clinton campaign issued a statement later indicating that Hillary meant no to the issue of her discussing private conversations. Hillary, it seems, took the “is that a no” question to mean that she would not discuss private conversations, not that she ever told Richardson Obama could not win.

The conventional thinking is that Hillary (or at least her people) realized that Richardson could say that he was in fact told that by the Clintonistas. Richardson has more credibility than the Clintons and many are happy with him because he endorsed Obama. The last thing that Hillary needed was Richardson calling her a liar a week after she was caught in a whopper of a lie.

It appears as if Hillary is learning from her mistakes. But the sad thing is that Hillary lies so easily that the truth cannot come from her mouth. She lied about snipers and instead of just refusing to answer or perhaps trying something novel like telling the truth, Hillary lied about what was said. It is not good when your people have to explain what you meant to cover a lie. At least she did not defend the lie a million times only to have it bite her in the behind like she did with the Bosnia trip.

Her actions and the ease with which she lies should provide a stark reminder to people of what the Clintons are like and that a second Clinton administration would be no different than the first.

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