Hillary Listens in but not on Terrorists

It is not a surprise to many thinking people that Hillary Clinton is calculating and will say or do anything to get elected. She has flipped like a fish out of water on the war in Iraq depending upon who she is talking to. It should come as no surprise that Clinton is changing her tact to appease more of the conservative voters because she thinks she has the nomination wrapped up. An anonymous staffer indicated that Clinton has done just that

The former North Carolina senator [John Edwards] noted a recent New York Times story, in which unnamed Clinton backers explained the political reasons behind her Senate vote to label an Iranian military unit as a terrorist group. They said Clinton was switching from “primary mode,” to “general-election mode,” in which she would have to court more conservative voters. Des Moines Register

Now there are allegations that Hillary Clinton listened to illegally obtained recordings of her husband’s political opponents back in 1992 so that she could decide upon a course of action. The recording is reported to have involved another bimbo eruption and Hillary was all over how to put out the fire. If you have ever wondered how they managed to stay ahead of the allegations, this might be the answer.

The argument can be made that Hillary did not actually record the conversations and that she only listened to them. However, she had to know that they were illegally obtained and, as a lawyer, she was obligated to report the infraction of the law. What she did by listening and acting upon the information rather than reporting the illegal activity is no different than if she had looked over the money bags her friends had obtained in an armored car robbery and then used the information about the money robbery to plan armored car safety. She witnessed the breaking of the law and did not report it.

I read the book “Her Way” and I remember the passage that discussed this very thing. I remember thinking at the time that it was interesting that the Clintons would condone such a thing when their legal folks did everything possible to get Linda Tripp for recording her conversations with Monica Lewinsky. It is also curious that a couple of old folks intercepted and taped Newt Gingrich and turned the tape over to Democrat Jim McDermott so it could be used against Republicans. I don’t recall this ever coming to a conclusion.

Hillary must have thought it was OK to listen to her rivals discuss politics but she has been against our country listening in on the conversations of terrorists in order to protect our country. Hillary thinks that terrorists deserve more protection than do her political opponents. This is obviously another instance of do as I say and not as I do.

Here is an interesting video of this being discussed on MSNBC.

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