Hillary Lies Again

Hillary Clinton, fresh off a tail whipping at the expense of B. Hussein Obama and John Edwards, is not trying another make over that she hopes will resonate with the voters. Personally, I think she would have run if she never campaigned. People were in awe of her and she was the front runner when she entered. Then people got to meet her, listen to her and see her perform at the debates. That turned a lot of people off. Hillary is now retooling and it is a sure bet she will go real negative and that she will be in attack mode in the debate. Hillary is also out there lying again (still):

“Of all the people running for president, I’ve been the most vetted, the most investigated, and — my goodness — the most innocent, it turns out,” she told a cheering crowd in an airport hangar. The politico

Hillary Clinton is surely the most investigated of the people running for president. This is a new twist because she use to say the most investigated person and then it was shown to be untrue. That aside, the whopper comes when she says that she was the most innocent, as “it turns out”. First of all, since she was talking only about those running for president, how can she be the most innocent when none of them have been found guilty of anything? If this were true, she would be as innocent as the others.

However, Hillary has not been found the “most innocent.” There is a big difference between being innocent (which means you did not do it) and not being found guilty or not having charges pressed. Hillary has been caught in several lies during those many investigations but charges were never brought. She is guilty of campaign finance violations and there is video taped evidence of it. A judge appointed by her husband decided that the case could be dropped. She was guilty of holding secret meetings on health care reform and had to stop but no sanctions were ever imposed. Hillary deliberately hid documents to keep them out of the courts. They miraculously surfaced after the statute of limitations on her potential crimes had expired.

Not being sanctioned for wrong doing is a hell of a lot different than being completely free of sin, legal guilt or fault. She has done a great number of unethical and illegal things but they have either not been investigated or she was protected by the media and friends in high places. The book Whitewash has an in depth look at these issues and many more.

However, given Hillary’s position on this I must ask how she feels about one thing. President Bush has been investigated time and again and he has not been found guilty of anything. Is it fair, under Hillary’s definition, to assume he is INNOCENT? This will be tough for the moonbats who support her because if they answer yes then Bush is INNOCENT and it puts an end to their vicious attacks on him. If they answer no then they are saying Hillary is not innocent.

Being found not guilty or not being charged is not the same as being innocent. Perhaps if Hillary had actually used her law degree to practice the profession (instead of being employed as an over-billing, paper pushing lawyer as a favor to her hubby) she might know that.

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2 Responses to “Hillary Lies Again”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    Don’t forget she is hiding behind the law what ever it is that being in office she can’t be touched. I find that law strange because Republicians can face charges and be kicked out but not dimwits. Funny how that works.

  2. Virginia says:

    Can you imagine how much more corruption they can pull off if Bill is put in as Supreme Court Justice, this is for life, until he is dead. I have heard rumors of this, and it makes me sick to my stomach. Only reason she is not in jail is because she is in office and remember all the FBI files they stole on members in DC, that is why she stole them, scratch my back and I want have your family disappear. With Bill there in a position of top authority, I guarantee she will Dictate, and they are creeping into positions where they can not be touched even more, by no one, but a sniper. Ummmm now that perked me up.