Hillary Joins Idiot Parade

There are a lot of moonbats in the Senate who are making all kinds of remarks about Judge Alito and his qualifications. Of course, as I discussed before, the only item the left is concerned about is the abortion issue. You could nominate a serial killing, child molesting, racist who lynches blacks on the weekend and the left would confirm him if he showed that he would not overturn Roe. Hillary is going to take a close look at Alito. I imagine it will be as close a look as she gave Roberts. I predicted that she would vote no right off the bat because I know she still needs to appeal to her liberal base. She will vote no on Alito. She has already made up her mind regardless of how much she says she needs to look into it (like running for President). Here is an interesting bit from NewsMax:

“I intend to closely examine Judge Alito’s record and qualifications and carefully monitor the Judiciary Committee hearings in order to determine whether he intends to be a guardian of the rule of law who puts fairness and justice before ideology,” Clinton said, in a statement posted to her web site.

Clinton warned that only after “a thoughtful and deliberate process of closely examining and scrutinizing Judge Alito’s record” will she be able to determine “whether he merits a seat on the highest court in the nation.”

Of course, Mrs. Clinton had no such problem with her husband’s last Supreme Court pick, ACLU chief counsel Ruth Bader Ginsburg – who was a wild-eyed left-wing ideologue who favored coed prisons and thought that 12-year-old girls should be allowed to have sex.

So you can see that Hill has no problem with Ginsburg who can certainly be described as radical left but she has a problem with a guy who believes in a little morality. And we never heard any of the moonbats complain that Ginsburg would tilt the court left. Because they actually think this is what America wants.

This will be a bloody battle but Alito will be confirmed. The moonbats will need a long time to recover from the beating and lick their wounds. They are talking a big game but we are going to trounce them into a bloody pulp.

Read it here.

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