Hillary is Going to Run

Despite what she says, or more accurately what she does not, Hillary Clinton will seek the nomination of her party in 2008. She is already running. First we had her use of evangelical a bunch of times in an interview telling how religious she is. Now we have her changing her position on abortion, sort of.
Hillary told a group of abortion rights activists that she believes in Roe v. Wade but that the people need to find a common ground and that it is religion and faith that make young people abstain. Maybe Bill’s lack of religion would explain his failings…
If you don’t think she is running, check out this from Drudge.

Hillary is running part II:
This story from the Palm Beach Post is a story about Hillary bashing the current administration. She says the economy is about may be on the brink of collapse. This is Clinton speak for might be but I am saying it to scare you. Given the economic numbers it is more like might not.
The article is filled with the typical BS you would expect but usually hear around election time. She is priming to run. The piece is full of wingnut favorites about Social Security and Health Care. Perhaps the strangest thing she said is this.

“I believe that on both political and substantive grounds, my husband did it just right,” she said, referring to former President Clinton. “The deficit reduction act didn’t get one single Republican vote. He took on the gun lobby with the Brady Bill. He took on health care. He took on hard issues that we pay a president for. Frankly, it is not that hard cutting people’s taxes.”

Her huband did who right? Oh, it. The deficit reduction act did not reduce the deficit. The Brady bill was of no use. The number of murders remains high because criminals are routinely put back on the streets. Criminals can’t own guns so the Brady bill only affected honest citizens. He took on health care and it is no better. Why? Because the dems always want it to appear these things are in danger so they can appeal to the base who does not know any better. Their voters. The group of people who depend on the government to live.

It is not hard to cut people’s taxes? It is the most difficult thing in the world for a democrat to do. She still thinks it is not your money.

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