Hillary Hasn’t Changed Much Since College

When Hillary Rodham was in college she exchanged letters with John Peavoy, a childhood friend. Peavoy kept those letters and they were reviewed by The New York Times. The Times gives commentary on the letters to explain Rodham’s frame of mind. Qualifiers such as “As one would expect of letters written during college, Ms. Rodham’s letters display an evolution in sophistication…” are dispersed throughout the piece as if to remind readers that this was a long time ago and not so different from any other college kid.

This might be the case but one would expect the Times to write the piece without the commentary so the readers could judge for themselves Ms. Rodham’s state of mind. I gather, from reading the piece, that Ms. Rodham suffered bouts of depression and self doubt. She also described herself as “Hillary Rodham, acknowledged agnostic intellectual liberal, emotional conservative.” I gather from this that she means agnostic in the reference to politics as one unwilling to commit to an opinion about something. She attended church as a child and has a stated belief in God so that definition of agnostic does not seem to fit. Given her transformation from a Republican to a Democrat and the mixed feelings she had, the political bent is more likely. Since she is noncommittal in many aspects of her public life, it would appear as if little has changed. Rodham commits to certain points of view when it is convenient and then changes that commitment when it is more opportune to do so. One only needs to look at her stance on Iraq to see that.

One other interesting thing (and there are quite a few) is that Hillary wonders, in a letter, “Can you be a misanthrope and still love or enjoy some individuals?” How about a compassionate misanthrope?” While today’s Hillary talks about being a woman of the people, a people’s champion as it were, she hardly has a true love for humankind. She is more interested in power and really cares little, if at all, about who she has to destroy to get that power. To her, the end (power) certainly justifies the means. It would appear as if Hillary has not changed much. There are certainly those who she feels close to or loves but she appears to have a disregard for mankind in general and her compassion is attached to how much power she will derive from the positions she takes.

I don’t think that one can look too deeply at all the writings of a college student and apply them completely to the person that the student turned out to be. Certainly the 60s was a tumultuous time for many of that age and their perceptions about life were formed during that tumult. Though many in the political arena have attached great significance the early lives of candidates, in the long run the entire package needs to be reviewed. Bill Clinton’s manipulation of the draft system gave us great insight into how he would manipulate government on a larger scale but many aspects of his youth were of little consequence to his adult life.

With Hillary, we see a person who suffered depression while struggling with opposing ideals and that might give us some insight as to why she has handled things as she has and how she will handle them in the future. The idea of a President Hillary in bed for three days because of depression is not a pleasant thought. Likewise, her misanthropic, agnostic description might fit her today more than it did back then and does not paint a pretty picture for the leader of our country.

I am willing to bet she would rather that Peavoy had destroyed the letters. She does not like her past to show up because it means she has a lot to account for. This has been her pattern through her adult life with regard to her college papers and her work for the Rose Law Firm. Hillary likes to hold her cards close to her chest (regardless of whether or not her cleavage is showing) and she is not happy when these tidbits from her past show up. Regardless of their meaning, she does not want to have to explain them.

Hillary Rodham should not be the President of this country and the letters have little to do with that but they do give us some insight into the heart and soul of a woman who has always longed to be the center of attention.

Letters or no letters, Hillary Rodham is Satan in the flesh.

Big Dog

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One Response to “Hillary Hasn’t Changed Much Since College”

  1. Katie says:

    Well, everyone has a strong opinion on her; do they not? It’s usually if you love or hate her. I gotta say that I’m a huge fan of her! I think many don’t like her is because she’s a very strong woman who isn’t afraid of what’s in her way; and doesn’t back down easily from a challenge!