Hillary Had a Hand in Releasing Terrorists

Before anyone buys into the bunk that Hillary Clinton will be tough on terrorists they should take a step back and look at how she helped to have a bunch of them released in order to garner the Puerto Rican vote in New York.

Bill Clinton was soft on terror and he ignored every attack on our country. His cowardice with regard to Somalia gave bin Laden the incentive he needed to attack us on 9/11.

We all know that Bill Clinton pardoned a lot of political cronies on his last day in office but he also gave clemency to a group of FALN members who were responsible for bombings in New York that killed a lot of people. Clinton, with his wife’s help, released these people at the request of three members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, local Hispanic politicians and some activist groups and it was all in order to help her win the Senate seat in New York.

When there was a public outcry Hillary distanced herself from the very decision she helped make in order to put it all on him and ensure she won. These people will take a bullet for each other so long as a win is in it for the other. Power is all they care about and they sold out the families of those killed as well as other victims in order to gain that power.

These are the kind of people that want to occupy our White House once again. They have sold their souls to Satan and are now hell bent on ruining this country. They allowed killers to go, killers that did not want to go and did not want to agree to the terms of release.

I wonder what would happen if these people killed again. One can guess what it would be if my family was the victim.

The Wall Street Journal has a great article about this. It is well worth the read.

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