Hillary: Gun Rights Way Out Of Balance

Hillary Clinton was at the National Council for Behavioral Health conference and she addressed firearms in this country. She said the nation’s gun culture had gotten “way out of balance” and the idea that everyone could have a gun was not in the “best interest of the vast majority of people.”

Who is Hillary to determine what is in the best interests of people and, for that matter, how is she even qualified to make such a claim? There is no way to quantify this and it is nothing more than an emotional statement followed by a few examples of shootings, many of which were committed by people who were not allowed to own a firearm.

There is also a flaw in this claim that everyone could have a gun. The first problem is that not everyone can. Felons and the mentally ill are not allowed to own them. How do they get them? Some are not caught on the government background check (the same government that let the 9/11 terrorists in the country) and most buy them illegally. Just because something is banned, illegal or forbidden does not mean people won’t have access. I think the experience with prohibition demonstrates that quite clearly as does the problem with Heroin overdoses.

The second problem is the statement “could have a gun” as if a right is something the government is allowed to dole out regardless of circumstances. In other words, we have laws that forbid some folks from owning firearms because they have shown they should not have them. To Clinton government should decide if you could have the gun no matter what you have demonstrated.

If you are a law abiding citizen who is not otherwise prohibited you CAN have a firearm regardless of what Hillary thinks.

If Hillary is so willing to decide that the gun culture is out of balance and needs government action what other right will she infringe upon?

She had a real tough time of it when her hubby was caught having sex with an intern. Drudge broke the story. Hillary is getting a lot of press about her failure in Benghazi (she did not do too well with that 3 am phone call) so what if Hillary decided that the information culture has gotten out of balance and the idea that everyone can post information is not in the best interest of the vast majority of people? Perhaps people would need to jump through the same hoops they do to purchase a firearm. Perhaps information will be as regulated as firearms and the only people with access will be the politically connected.

What if Hillary decided that there are too many religions in America and religion is way out of balance and the idea that everyone could worship as they see fit is not in the best interest of the vast majority of people? Perhaps she will deem that there are too many religions and only certain ones are worthy to exist. Maybe she will force people to go through the same process to join a religion as to purchase a firearm.

Rights are not something the government deemed we could have and they are not something that government granted to us. They preexist our government and they are protected (not granted) by our Constitution.

This is the problem with liberals. They think they know what is best for you and who can blame them considering the number of people willing to be enslaved by the government?

Liberals want control and they know they can’t get it outright so they incrementally take rights away from a population too busy worrying about American Idol than what is going on in this country. Liberals keep upping the ante and then one day rights are gone because people sat by and allowed them to be eroded away by a tyrannical government.

I think, to paraphrase Hillary, the political class has gotten way out of balance and this notion that elites can make a career out of politics is not in the best interest of a vast majority of people.

The difference between our statements is I am correct.

I am willing to bet that the four Americans who Hillary allowed to be murdered in Benghazi would have loved to have a bunch of Americans (citizen or soldier) with guns the night they lost their lives because of her incompetence.

Hillary’s incompetence is responsible for more American deaths than all my guns combined.

And how many armed guards watch over her anyway?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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