Hillary Going to Iraq

Unannounced Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is heading back to Iraq. She has been there a few times and disrupted the work of our soldiers. At least one was forced to pose with her for a photo, one he did not want to pose for. I do not know why she is going to Iraq because she loathes the military and she would not understand war tactics if they were written in crayon. I bet she will go over, walk around a bit and then come home and say that every troop with whom she spoke was opposed to the Bush plan to increase military strength in that country.

I am wondering if there is any way we can pay one of the groups over there to just take her away. If she could get captured by one of the groups there would be no opposition as to how many troops we should send. The libs will demand that we send every troop in the inventory to rescue the queen. We will be told that collateral damage does not matter and that we may kill as many civilians as necessary to bring home the “honorable” Senator. That would be a great time to send in massive numbers of troops and kill every bad guy in the region.

Only two problem. The first is that none of our troops would actually look for her. The second is that we would be condemned by the world for torturing those folks who had to be with her while she was held captive.

Oh well, so much for wishful thinking…


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One Response to “Hillary Going to Iraq”

  1. TexasFred says:

    Dog, great sentiment but even the ragheads don’t want her..