Hillary Clinton Sees Crime As The American Way

Hillary Clinton told a group of Irish people (they were called immigrants in the article but most were probably born here) that she opposes legislation that would impose harsher penalties on illegal immigrants. She thinks that it is too harsh to change being here illegally from a civil offense to a felony. She said that we would need a police state to round up the 11 million illegals here already and that this was a bad idea.

“Don’t turn your backs on what made this country great,” she said, calling the measure “a rebuke to what America stands for.”

So according to Hillary, the master history rewriter, what made this country great is a bunch of people breaking the law. Seems to me that a long time ago immigrants came here and had to meet certain standards. Those who came in illegally, or with diseases, were sent home. While Hillary was saying that we need to keep our borders open so that we can have cheap labor to serve her and the other elitists (that is what it reads when you interpret it) she said we needed to make it tougher for terrorists to get in. I hope someone tells her that tightening the borders will have that effect and that terrorists do not wear shirts to tell us they are indeed terrorists.

I am not surprised that Hillary Clinton thinks crime is the American way. She and her husband had the most crime ridden White House in history. She spent years obstructing justice by hiding her law firm billing records. They turned up a few days after the statute of limitations expired. There were cover ups, lies, dealings with hostile foreign countries and bimbos paid off to keep their mouths shut. I hope everyone finds it comforting that Hillary can dismiss criminal behavior so that we can have hotel workers (her words).

I guess that is for Nancy Pelosi who only employs non-union immigrants in all the hotels she has financial interest in. Hillary threw San Fran Nan a bone. Hillary probably needs some illegals on her plantation up in New York. I am tired of this woman opening her mouth. She is so tough and was crying that she was a target because she is a woman. No, you are a target because you are a divisive liberal twit who wants to socialize our country while you get rich off the labor of others and through illegal deals and questionable business ventures. But that is just me.

Source: Boston.com News

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