Hillary Clinton, Save It For The Campaign

Senator Hillary Clinton wants the President to have a 9/11 type “Katrina Commission.” I want to know what good another commission will do. Especially if it is like the supposedly non-partisan 9/11 commission that ignored testimony and did nothing to clear anything involving 9/11 up. Hell, it had some Clinton cronies responsible for intelligence failures on it. We can all see how effective that was. Ms. Clinton is probably upset that her husband has been called to help in the fund raising efforts so she needs to get her arms all up in the kool-aid.

Senator, you want to know if federal response was adequate. Yes it was despite your claim that we were not prepared. The appropriate departments were on alert prior to landfall and the major difficulties were brought about because people did not evacuate as they were instructed to. The local officials did not follow their own plans for evacuation and they abandoned their own people. It might make you feel good or help you get your name and picture in the story but it is counterproductive and extremely partisan on your part. You are trying to deflect responsibility from local officials and shifting blame to the feds and the President. Your idea about splitting FEMA from DHS is politically motivated. You want it to be like it was in your husband’s administration but I do not believe we had a DHS then. There was little worry about Homeland Security during your husband’s tenure as co-president.

Ms. Clinton, you need to stay at home and worry about what is going on in New York. Perhaps you can share your Hawaiian vacation pictures with you political supporters. Whatever you decide to do, do us all a favor and save the partisan rhetoric for the time after you announce your run for the White House.

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