Hillary Clinton Panders to Gays

Two days after Ann Coulter referred to John Edwards as a faggot, Hillary Clinton was at a gay groups meeting where she addressed the assembly. You might not have heard about it because Clinton made no prior announcement of the speech. In that speech she stated that she was opposed to the don’t ask don’t tell policy her husband instituted and promised that when she is president she will take care of this little problem. The Clinton camp said the speech was not announced because the meeting is closed to the press. That seems a little weak to me.

Clinton probably tried to secure the gay vote while taking care not to tick off the Christians she has been pandering to. Clinton went from using a southern drawl to pander to a black church to swishing into a gay convention to pander to the queer constituency. Hillary Clinton will be everything to everybody in order to get elected. She made it clear to the gay group that she wanted gay people to marry and was proud that she helped defeat the same sex marriage amendment. Clinton told the gays that the White House would be as open to them as her Senate office is. Considering the past rumors about her this is not hard to believe. But does America need a bunch of gays prancing around the White House? I guess if they have enough money they can stay in the Lincoln bedroom.

Clinton wants it any way she can get it (the presidency) and she will say anything to anybody to get it. I guess she is OK with putting the group that has the largest responsibility for the spread of HIV in a battle zone where blood gets all over. I want this to get a lot of publicity and when the Christian vote starts to slip further away I want to see how Ms. southern drawl, Rebbecca from Sunnybrook Farms spins this one.


That old song about Pink Berets comes to mind when I hear the debate of gays in the military:

Falling fairies from the sky
I broke a nail G-d I could cry
Don’t you like the way
My tushy sways
I’m a man in a pink beret

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One Response to “Hillary Clinton Panders to Gays”

  1. Sheldon says:

    Hillary Clinton is the most accomplished politician in America when it comes to pandering a unique message to diverse constituencies merely to obtain their votes. You may find my book on Hillary of interest as a unique expose on this political magalomaniac. It is entitled “Hillary Clinton Nude: Naked Ambition, Hillary Clinton And America’s Demise.” Of course, given where Hillary Clinton received her political education from, her pandering skills should be of no surprise.