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Yesterday it was reported that the Clinton campaign admitted that it planted a question at one of the Hildabeast’s speeches in Iowa and the campaign stated that it would not happen again. When I wrote about it I asked if they meant they would not get caught again or if they would not do it again like Bill would not molest women again. It appears that they were, in fact, caught again and it was like Bill not molesting women. A minister is alleging that he campaign tried to get him to ask a question about the war. The campaign wanted a question that would show a difference between Obama and Clinton on the way they have opposed President Bush and the funding for the war in Iraq. The Clinton campaign indicates that they did not ask anyone to ask a question and that their campaign person knows the minister and they were just talking.

The problem is, Minister Geoffrey Mitchell claims he does not know Chris Hayler, the staffer in question. Mitchell stated that he has seen Hayler at other events but the two do not know each other. Now we have a problem with honesty here because, obviously, someone is not telling the truth. While Mitchell is an Obama supporter and could make a false claim what motivation would a minister have to do so given how being caught in a lie would hurt his profession and the people he leads? The entity with something to lose here is the Clinton campaign because the incident, if true, would demonstrate a complete lack of honesty on the part of the campaign. They will have told a lie and broken a promise in a 24 hour time period.

We have already seen that the campaign lacks integrity and now their lack of honesty has been displayed for all to see. This, for those who have a problem distinguishing, is an example of dishonesty and I “double dog dare” anyone to show how it s not.

Of course, if Mitchell is the one lying then it is a different story all together.

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