Hillary Clinton Has Always Been A Radical

Saul Alinsky was an ends justifies the means person and his Rules for Radicals basically spelled that out. Hillary Clinton was a disciple of Alinsky and wrote her college thesis about him.

She had a close relationship with him, sought him out, communicated with him and he had strong feelings about Hillary so much so his secretary opened a letter from Hillary so she would not have to wait two weeks (Alinsky was away) for a response if there was an urgent matter.

Hillary downplayed her adoration of Alinsky and claims she did not agree with some of his tactics and ideas. In her book she claimed that those differences led to a parting of ways in 1969 just before she went to law school.

Letters that have been recently released show that Clinton did not part ways in 1969 (over differences or any other reason) and that she remained in touch with him up until his death in 1972.

The aforementioned letter was written by Hillary in 1971 and she expressed that she survived law school and was in California and hoped that she could meet up with Alinsky should he happen to visit the state. Her letter stated that she “would love to see [Alinsky]” and for him to let her know if there was any chance of the two getting together.

The words in the letter hardly paint a picture of a person who parted ways over differences. Instead they paint a picture of a person who was an admirer. Keeping in touch with glowing words is hardly evidence of a parting of ways.

Hillary Clinton is a radical and she will say or do whatever she has to in order to obtain and keep power. Hillary lives by Alinsky’s 12 rules and the only reason she did not win the Democratic nomination (and likely the presidency) is because Barack Obama was better at using the rules than Hillary was. Well, he was at least as good and he had darker pigmentation and spoke more eloquently than she did.

Make no mistake, all these left wing radicals follow these rules and they do so in order to take control of your life. While Alinsky might have discussed the haves and the have nots and the imbalance between them the one thing that is overlooked is the elitists. They are the ones who lord over the haves and the have nots and bring some kind of calm to the storm the radicals stir up.

Clinton and Obama are two of those elitist radicals and their goal is to pit us against each other and to lord over us.

Hillary was and still is a radical and while she whitewashed her radical past and adoration of Alinsky the recently released letters paint a much different picture, one that all the whitewash in the world cannot cover.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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