Hillary Can Control Bill

In a recent ABC interview the involvement of former President Bill Clinton was addressed by Hillary. She indicated that any statements he made were not intended to be offensive. Then Cynthia McFadden asked Hillary if she could control Bill.

Her response was; “Oh of course.”

How is it we are supposed to believe that she can control him when she could not do that in all the years since they met? She sent her father and brother to Arkansas (before they were married) while she was away to keep him from sleeping around and there have been countless women who admitted to having consensual affairs as well as those who claimed to have been raped by him. Then, of course, there was Monica Lewinsky and that whole ugly affair. Despite their denials and defamation of Gennifer Flowers she turned out to be telling the truth when Bill admitted to having an affair with her. Despite his denials and cover up by Hillary, the Lewinsky affair turned out to be true. Even though he denied it and his people tried to portray her as a star struck kid, she turned out to be the one telling the truth.

So tell me, how is is she can control him when she has failed to do so since the time they met?

ABC Political Radar

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3 Responses to “Hillary Can Control Bill”

  1. Adam says:

    I bet the affairs are part of her control over him. I think she sends Bill out to cheat on her and let it become just as public as it needs to be to make her look like she stands by her man and sticks through the thick and thin. She is Satan after all, this is just another one of her political machinations. Maybe it’s always been Hillary running the whole show like the Emperor on Star Wars.

    She’s not as personable as Bill is, he’s always been her public face. She wielded power through him until such a time when she could rise from the shadows and rule with an iron fist over the country she despises and the military she loathes.

  2. Big Dog says:

    See Adam, there is hope for you yet. You are finally catching on.

    Hillary might not have sent him to cheat but she sure did cover it up and intimidate the women who were going to come forward…

    You must admit that if she could control him he would never have done all the bad things…