Hillary and Obama Doing a Gay Dance

General Peter Pace stated earlier this week that he believed that homosexuality was immoral and that statement drew fire from the pro gay groups in this country whose militant acts are aimed at forcing people to accept their behavior. Pace had the courage to say it and he did not apologize more than to say he should have remained focused on policy, not his personal opinion. I know there are a lot of people who think that he was not entitled to express his opinion but that is only because his opinion differs from theirs. If he had said that he did not think homosexuality was immoral no one complaining now would have said a word, but he would have been blasted by the other side. If he was discussing torture and said that torture was immoral his words would be used as a rebuke of the Bush Administration who many believe endorses torture.

Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama want to be President of the United States one day. They have both courted the black vote and they have courted the religious vote and they have also courted the gay vote. How many times did Hillary say evangelical in that one interview? It was probably more than she said in all her years in college but she was out there trying to appeal to the religious voters. Neither of these two has enough testicular fortitude to say what they believe in. They certainly do not have the integrity shown by Pace. Each of these two danced around the issue when asked about it only to have a spokesperson say that they did not agree with Pace.

Why did a spokesperson have to come out and say something? Why is it that they did not say what they believed? It is because their beliefs change depending upon who they happen to be speaking to. They can not say they believe that homosexuality is immoral or they will lose the gay vote. Neither of them wants to suffer the wrath of the pink berets as they get in a snit about the word immoral. Neither can say that it is not immoral because that would upset the religious voters and the socially conservative black voters who agree with what Pace said. They are not taking a stance based on political motivations because they have no principles. If they believe it to be moral then have the courage to say so. If they believe it is immoral than have the courage to say that as well. General Pace demonstrated courage and that is something that is definitely something that these two candidates lack.

The only person who said that he did not believe homosexuality was immoral was Republican John Warner, a man who was married to Liz Taylor. She has been married nine times so it is not like there were any morals there. If she had as many sticking out of her as she had stuck in, she would look like a porcupine. Warner, of course, did not suffer the backlash that Pace did and he did the same thing Pace did. He expressed his opinion about morality and it just happened to differ from Pace’s. No one asked Warner to apologize or to keep his opinion to himself.

The gay agenda is to force acceptance on everyone. It is not going to happen.


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3 Responses to “Hillary and Obama Doing a Gay Dance”

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  2. Mike says:

    Ok first, I am a gay man….second, I don’t give a sh*t whether you accept me or not…thirdly, its not an issue of homosexuals forcing an agenda onto society as much as it is society waging war against homosexuals. Its a battle that the extreme right is losing by the way….

    What is sad is that you have no idea what it means to be a moral person. It’s certainly not sitting on your ass cursing at the TV screen at those who have abortions or homosexuals, and then go to church every sunday. Being moral means getting off your ass, going out to help those in need, honesty, tolerance, high character, and inclusion. You don’t have any of those traits, your are not moral. That goes for any human being, not just gay or straight.

  3. Virginia says:

    Darn Mike, what happen? Found out you had Aids or what? I agree with BigDog, it want happen. You are the one not moral, guess you think Rosie is a beauty queen too.