Hillary and Her Experience

When it comes to experience, Hillary Clinton is happy to claim it all. She says that she has 35 years of experience making change and she says that eight of those years were during her husband’s time in office. Hillary likes to lay claim to the good things that happened then but kind of forget the bad ones. She does not want credit for any event that could make her look bad but she is very happy to lay claim to the good events.

Hillary is quite upset at an Obama mailer that trashes her health care plan by stating she would force people to buy it. She says it is inaccurate but she specifically said that the government would garnish wages to force compliance which sounds like people would be forced. There is one other thing Hillary is a bit upset about. B. Hussein O-BOMB-us has taken Hillary to task for NAFTA. That (so called) free trade agreement was signed by her husband and it has been a problem for folks who believe they lost jobs because of it (though lost jobs is due to many dynamics). Hillary has distanced herself from this whole ordeal by stating:

“I am fighting to change NAFTA,” she insisted. “Neither of us were in the Senate when NAFTA passed. Neither voted one way or the other.”

So in this instance, she lays no claim to the experience her husband gained while president. If NAFTA was a big hit Hillary would be claiming that she helped push Bill to sign it. She is all about the us when it suits her cause but, as we see here, she disavows any involvement in the problematic items from their co-presidency.

I also find it interesting that she says neither of them were in the Senate therefore neither of them voted for it as a way to deflect criticism of the agreement but, she and her hubby called Obama’s position on the Iraq war a Fairy Tale because he was not in office to vote for or against it. In other words, it is OK for her to say she was not in the Senate when asked about a particular item but it is NOT OK for Obama to do that. For the record, I have maintained that his position on the war is irrelevant because he was not a member of the Senate so we will never know how he would have voted. Since we have seen both of them wait until the other voted on legislation before voting, it is not beyond reason that he would have gone along so as not to look weak on national security. Frankly, his word on the matter is not good enough for me.

As for Hillary, she wants it both ways (and I am not talking about her love life). She wants credit for the good things that happened and to stay away from the bad things. Either her eight years were experience or they were not. Since she has claimed they were and has taken credit for items from that time, she is responsible for NAFTA.

Hillary, release your records from the eight years and while you are at it, release your tax records…

An experienced politician would have thought about this before running for the presidency.

Big Dog

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