Hillary, A Wealth Of Stupidity

Hillary Clinton is in general election mode. She figures she has Sanders beaten and the nomination is hers so she has turned her focus to Donald Trump, who she must figure will be the GOP nominee.

Hillary went on the attack and bashed Trump for his wealth. She claimed that he could not fly in on his private jet, give a speech and fly out on that jet back to his luxury homes and expect to know how regular people live.

There is no doubt that Trump is very wealthy. He talks about his wealth quite a bit so it would be hard to overlook. But Trump made his money as a businessman in the private sector. It matters not how he got the seed money, the reality is he earned it in private business.

Now Hillary, on the other hand, made her money only after she and her hubby served in public office. Remember, Hillary told us that she and Bill were dead broke and owed a lot of money when they left the White House. Now they have a combined wealth of over 100 MILLION dollars. All that money was earned after they were in office and as a result of their elected positions.

It is beyond me how Hillary can go after Trump for flying in a private jet when Hillary flies around in private jets. It is beyond me how she can talk of Trump’s luxurious homes when she and Bill own several very nice residences.

All the things Hillary claims put Trump out of touch are the very same things she has or does. Admittedly, the amount of money the Clinton’s have pales in comparison to what Trump has but he earned his and he is spending it (his own money) on his campaign. Bill and Hillary spend very little of their own money and win lose or draw she will be sending out emails after the election in November begging people to contribute to pay off her campaign debt. She had over 100 million in wealth in 2008 and begged people to pay off the millions she owed for her failed campaign.

The Clintons are a work of crappy art. Only liberal morons like those two (and throw in the daughter who makes hundreds of thousands for doing very little) could live the life of royalty on money “earned” as a result of public service and then turn around and slam a rich guy who earned his money in the private sector.

This is no different than Sanders screaming about the unfair tax system that favors the rich while he, a wealthy man, writes off everything he can to avoid paying the taxes he wants everyone else to pay.

For the life of me I can’t figure why anyone would vote for this woman. I am baffled by Sanders supporters but Hillary’s supporters are even more troubling because they have decades of her antics to look at before they decide.

None of her criminal behavior keeps people from considering her.

She claims Trump is out of touch because of his wealth and the life he lives but how in touch can she be if she is doing the same things as he?

Only a liberal could get rich off public service and then smear a rich guy who earned his money in business.

Class warfare and hypocrisy. Without them liberals would dry up and blow away.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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