Hill-Rod Wins, Will Fight On

Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary by 10 points in the never ending Democratic battle and has vowed to kep on fighting. She cannot catch Barack Obama but hopes to sway super delegates to vote for her as the best to lead the party. She will contend that she has won the larger states and that she is the best person to beat John McCain in the general election.

Her win in Pennsylvania has the Democratic leaders jittery about the prospect of Obama winning because he outspent her by more than 2 to 1 in an effort to put her away and end this thing. Despite having a great deal of money and a solid lead, Obama was not able to keep Clinton from winning and so the game goes on.

The Democratic leadership and its party members are probably losing sleep now more than ever because Hillary’s win cements, in her mind, that she can win if only her party would listen to (her) reason. She has forced the campaign to continue and again taken away time for the Democrats to attack McCain. The party is in chaos and this is not helping things. The leadership is already worried about a meltdown at the convention and add to that the recent poll that shows neither candidate’s supporters will back the other if that person is the nominee and it spells heartburn at the top.

I am glad that Hillary won but I wish she had won by twice that margin so that it would cast even more doubt within the party. I want Hillary and Barack to fight it out until the bitter end with a Democratic convention filled with anger and fighting. I want rioting in the building and Democrats coming unglued. There needs to be a total breakdown of the Democratic party come convention time so that America can get a good look at how they really are.

The Pennsylvania primary helped bring us one step closer to that outcome.

Hill-Rod is her wrestling name.

Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Hill-Rod Wins, Will Fight On”

  1. Adam says:

    The GOP is in such sad shape that they have no clear path to victory this November without a Democratic meltdown. You may get your wish.

    Dean has said the SD will have to make a decision early together but then the SD fired back “make us” basically.

    Obama is proving he can’t buy out blue collar Democrats and unless something changes there will be similar outcomes in West Virginia and Kentucky. Indiana is a maybe for Clinton, North Carolina unlikely, Guam and Puerto Rico an open question.

    Obama may have won 11 in a row, but since then he is 1 for 5 and every Clinton victory from here on out will keep the SD pondering…

  2. Big Dog says:

    I think neither party has a clear path to victory and parties are in sad shape. The Democrats said they had a plan to bring gas prices down and they ran on that but the price of fuel has risen by over a dollar since they took control.

    Both parties are in terrible shape and they will all say what they think people want to hear but it will be business as usual once the election is over.

    We are in no wrose shape than any other time and past economic downturns have all been worse. Remember, the housing crisis is the cause and that was caused by the Congress (after pressure from the race baiters) who said that not giving loans to people who could not pay was discrimination. Now of course, the same race baiters are crying foul because the people who borrowed too much are losing homes. Personal responsibility is not a strong suit of the left.

    This is all biting them in th ebutt.

    But, both parties are a mess. We need to get rid of our government and all the elected/appointed people in it and start over.

    Just to make it clear, none of the 3 running is worth a damn.

    Big Dogs last blog post..Hill-Rod Wins, Will Fight On

  3. I’m sorry Big Dog but you aren’t going to get your wish. PA was nothing but a blip. Everyone who knows the numbers knows that Obama has the pledged delegates locked up. And the Superdelegates would be insane to steal the nomination from him to hand it to Clinton. They have no reason to do that, especially considering the harm it would cause the party. This will be over by June 3 at the latest. Obama will be the Democrats nominee.

    Presidential Candidates Blogs last blog post..Jeremiah Wright In Context

  4. Big Dog says:

    If the will of the people is as important as they say then they should count each Congressional district and make the super delegates vote the way their people did. This would not be stealing anything it would be doing what they claim they want.

    You seem to think the super delegates are bound by some rule to do anything other than what they want.

    As for when this will end, neither will have enough delegates by the convention and Hillary will not concede until she loses at the convention.