Hezbollah Measures Victory Like The Democrats

On al-‘manure’ TV:

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said Monday that his guerrillas had achieved a “strategic, historic victory” against Israel. Nasrallah, speaking on the day a cease-fire took effect _ ending 34 days of fighting between Hezbollah and Israel _ called Monday “a great day.”

Now this from Democracy Now:

While he did lose in Ohio, extremely close race of 52-48, many are saying it was a huge victory for him and the Democratic Party in a fiercely Conservative district. No Democrat has won there for thirty years, with Republican victors often taking more than seventy percent. George W. Bush took more than two-thirds of the vote last November. The victor Jane Schmidt is head of Cincinnati Right to life.

Isn’t it amazing that both Hezbollah and the Democrats view getting their asses handed to them as “victory?” Admittedly, the Hackett race was closer than people thought it would be but since Hackett was a stealth Democrat (that little fact was hardly mentioned) and a veteran played well for him. But no matter what the margin of victory, if you are not on the winning side you are still a loser. Al Gore, close race, still a loser. I guess for people who are becoming accustomed to losing, the idea of being close is a victory. In the case of Hezbollah, they were not even close. Israel could have sent them to the dust heap of terrorists organizations if Israel had not (foolishly in my opinion) accepted the cease fire. Hezbollah was begging for a cease fire and they got it. I hope Israel made it clear that if another rocket lands in their country they will reduce the entire country of Lebanon to rubble.

Oh well, as long as the victories presented by the terrorists and the Democrats are in this fashion, we are OK. If they ever start actually winning, then we will be in trouble.

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