Hey John Edwards, This Is Called Socialism

This is from Hotline On Call:

Ex-Sen. John Edwards (D-NC), evolving his pitch ahead of an anticipated presidential run in 2008, will propose to cut poverty by a third in 10 years, eliminate it in 30, and put in its place a “Working Society ” where Americans are rewarded for hard work with a livable safety net of health and welfare incentives.

Eliminating poverty has been tried in many countries and what they ended up with were a few rich leaders and the rest of the population in poverty. It goes without saying that this half baked plan will end up costing taxpayers money. They will take large potions of income to fund this and make life “fair” for everyone.

When will these moonbats learn that life is not fair and there will always be poor people? The idea that they can eliminate poverty is not a plan it is a fantasy and Edwards will not do it. However, if he wants to start he can use some of the millions of dollars he has earned chasing ambulances and buy poor people houses and health insurance. Once he has spent all of his money doing this, then he can discuss it with the rest of us.

This is the kind of mindless prattle that sounds good on TV but will be the death of this country.

Say no to the Breck Girl.

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2 Responses to “Hey John Edwards, This Is Called Socialism”

  1. Rowane says:

    I worked my ass off during the eighties to help bring down communism and we have te bastards in congress now. Why do you think all the libtards are communists, anyway?
    And to think I used to laugh at Pop and call him paranoid because he was worried about communism.

    Duty, Honor, Country
    (in THAT order)

  2. Bosun says:

    The junk science lawyer is still dealing with junk ideas. Guys like Edwards are bound and determined to destroy America from within by these social engineering ideas that don’t work.