Hey Bud, This Coors Is Not For You

Well, now I have heard it all. A man who worked for American Eagle Distributing, the company that distributed Budweiser beer, was fired two years ago for drinking Coors in a bar. He was off work and had nothing on that identified him as an American Eagle employee. He claims that he ordered a Bud and they brought him a Coors instead. He did not want to wait so he drank it. Evidently, a majority stock-holder of the distributer was there and offered to buy the man a Bud two times but the offer was refused.

Evidently the man, Ross Hopkins, is suing the distributer for wrongful termination. I want to know what right the employer has to decide what this guy should drink in his off hours. What happens to a non-smoker who works at a tobacco company but refuses offers to light up? Will the company fire that guy too. What do you suppose the ACLU would do if a vegetarian got fired from a restaurant for refusing to eat a steak? The world is going nuts. It isn’t bad enough that it happened but this story is two years old. What took the guy so long to file his suit? Was he drunk or something?

I have an idea for Mr. Hopkins. Forget the law suit. They will find some other reason that they let you go. Instead, apply for a job at the Coors distributor. Call Pete Coors and tell him you were fired for refusing a Budweiser and drinking his beer instead. You can work for the company and make a few commercials. Maybe if you play it right you can make enough money to buy the old company and fire all the jackasses that refused you your Rocky Mountain High.

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