He’s Gay So It Is A Hate Crime

I thought gay people wanted to be treated equally and if this is the case then society should treat them equally. No I do not support gay marriage (though it is a state right issue and not a federal one) but gay people have equal marriage rights. They are free to marry people of the opposite sex.

In any event, gays get treated with kidd gloves when they are the victims of crime. A gay man was knocked out and suffered an injury requiring brain surgery and people believe it was the result of the knockout game.

Police say they are investigating this as a hate crime because the victim was gay.

Well excuse the hell out of me. Ever since the knockout game started the huge majority of the victims were white people who were attacked by blacks. In addition, Jews have been the victims. For the longest time the media ignored this “game” as countless whites were sent to the hospital or killed. The race baiting poverty pimps of Sharpton and Jackson said nary a word as white after white hit the deck because of black on white violence.

Police, in some of those cases, specifically said the attacks were not hate crimes. You know how it is. When a black guy attacks a white guy it can’t possibly be a hate crime. Let a white guy fart near a black guy and the hate crime police are in full force as Jesse and Al chant no justice no peace.

One black person was attacked by a white person in the knockout game and the race baiters came to life as the police looked at it as a hate crime.

Now we have a gay person attacked and it is all of the sudden a hate crime.

I feel badly for the victim here. He is in bad shape and whether this was the result of the knockout game makes no difference because he is hurt regardless. Whoever attacked him should be arrested and tried to the fullest extent of the law as should every other criminal who does this no matter what color the perpetrator or the victim.

Assaults are against the law and all victims should be treated equally with regard to relief under the law.

Just because one is a minority or a gay does not garner that person special treatment. If it is a hate crime when a white is the attacker or if a gay or black is the victim then it is a hate crime when whites are attacked by non whites.

I have made it known how I feel about hate crime laws. They are stupid and should not be part of the process. A crime is a crime and we have penalties for the crimes on the books. In my opinion ALL crime is hate crime.

Whether it is a hatred for the victim, or society or the legal system, it is a matter of hate nonetheless.

But if we are going to have these moronic hate crime statutes then let us apply them equally.

My advice, if you are not knocked out by your attacker beat him half to death twice.

BTW, those who engage in this “game” are cowards.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “He’s Gay So It Is A Hate Crime”

  1. GMF says:

    Unfortunately the only people that can commit a Hate Crime is a White, Heterosexual, Male. Certainly, they are the only ones ever prosecuted under that heading.

    As we have seen, criminals stand to be exonerated from their crime if one of the investigating officers uses an off-color remark that refers to the perpetrator. [OJ vs. Furman] The amount of force a police officer uses, can also come into question if the subject is a minority. [Rodney King] Even if the accusations against an officer are proven unwarranted, inconclusive or false, that officer may face a civil lawsuit somewhere down the line.

    Our society is so screwed up, even a Marine can’t relieve himself on the body of a dead enemy without being accused of a Hate Crime even if the dead bastard just killed the Marines best friend.

    Our Societies Victim Mentality has turned us into a Nation of Pussies.