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Here’s A Tip For You San Fran

Here is a tip for restaurant workers in San Francisco; Tips are not mandatory, they are given at the desire of the person paying them.

It seems that people have forgotten what a tip is and what it is for. Workers in San Francisco restaurants want to make a 25% tip mandatory! How do you make a tip, something that is given at the pleasure of the person being served, mandatory? I admit that some people are stingy with their tips and some do not tip at all but it is important to remember that it is their money and they are free to do with it as they please.

A tip is based on service. What incentive will San Fran workers have to do a great job if they are going to get a 25% tip no matter how well or how poorly they do their jobs?

I tip based on service and I have never left no tip at all. Once I received absolutely poor service and left a 2 cent tip. I wanted the worker to know that I did not forget to tip him but that his service was absolutely lousy.

I have also not added any additional tip when there was a mandatory tip added based on the number of people at the table. When a restaurant has instructions that tables of six or more will have an 18% (or whatever percent it is) gratuity automatically added to the bill then I do not add any more of a tip. I figure the restaurant has already decided what the worker’s service is worth and I only pay the gratuity they added. I have a real problem with a gratuity (a gift of money, over and above payment due for service, as to a waiter or bellhop; tip; something given without claim or demand. Dictionary.com) being mandatory. How do you tell someone that they MUST give a gift? For decent service I tip at 20% so workers miss out when their bosses decide how much of a GIFT I have to give. Isn’t forcing people to pay 25% (or any rate really) just jacking bills up another 25%? Does that not take away from the meaning of something given without claim or demand? I mean, if you force people to pay it then you are demanding it…

This brings me back to San Francisco. Who is going to be forced to pay a GIFT? Suppose you said you were not going to pay that part of the bill? What could they actually do to you? How is it possible for them to force you to give a gift and how is it possible for them to decide how much that gift will be? I know if I went to a place where I was forced to pay a 25% gift (though it is unlikely I would ever knowingly do so) I would work that server to death to earn that “gift.”

How long will it be before patrons decide to dine someplace else?

So my tip for you restaurant workers in San Fran is simple; work hard and you will be tipped well. If you think your wages are low because you receive tips as part of your compensation then find another place to work.

And quit playing these redistribution schemes. This liberal philosophy has never worked and it never will.

CBS San Francisco

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