Here Is Your Compromise Mr. Obama, We Won

To Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) it is like November 2010 never happened. Obama took to the airwaves last evening to push his case for raising taxes on Americans in order to pay for the out of control spending that he is now known for. Obama warned that if his bluff was called he would take his message to the people and he did. Fine but he said nothing that amounts to anything.

The first thing he did was blame George W. Bush for the problems we have. The reality, according to then Senator Obama, is that there is a problem because of lack of leadership, and that is Barry’s leadership and not Bush’s who has been out of office for over two years. Remember, it was Obama who said asking to raise the debt limit was a sign of failed leadership.

So after Obama blames Bush he goes on an over 4000 word rant about the situation we are in (that he and the Democrats have put us in) and he said that we need to raise taxes on the rich (defined as those making over $200,000 a year who Obama called millionaires) because they need to pay their fair share. The rich pay almost all the income taxes in this country, period. But Obama wants them to pay their fair share.

Fair to liberals is when you bring a pie to a party, they cut the pie so that they get almost all of it and you get a little sliver. Then they demand you buy another pie for them because you are able to, they deserve it and they have the right to tell you how to spend your money.

Anyway, Obama blamed all of the problems on the Republicans and said they would not compromise. That means they will not raise taxes. Yep, Obama tried to divide and conquer by saying that some Republicans (like Speaker Boehner) want to compromise but the freshmen (read Tea Party backed members) would not go along. He is trying to undermine Boehner and cause fractures among the Republicans.

But that won’t work.

I think I can sum this up and do so by using Obama’s own words. Obama is dismissing the November elections and driving on as if they had never happened. He is asking for compromise and saying that he wants certain things done. He wants a say in the matter.

When Obama first took office and Republicans were in a meeting with him they expressed some of the things they wanted to do and he basically told them that what they wanted did not matter because, “I won.” Obama believed that he got to do things his way because he won the election and that the Republicans or their opinions did not matter.

Fine, but Mr. Obama, last November the Republicans won. They have a very large majority in the House and they have an agenda. They were put in office to hold down spending and cut taxes. They were not put in office to compromise with failed liberal ideology.

In other words Mr. Obama, THEY WON.

They won so they get to do things their way.

That is the standard you set for dealing with compromise.

So deal with it.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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12 Responses to “Here Is Your Compromise Mr. Obama, We Won”

  1. Adam says:

    What winning entitles the GOP to is forcing the Democrats to compromise. It doesn’t entitle the GOP to get whatever it wants. At this point what the GOP gets is what the Democrats allow them to have. The Democrats could stand firm and deny the GOP all that they want or they could cave and give the GOP everything they want. The latter is more likely with Democrats.

    Today we’re seeing there is a lot of pressure on the GOP as the days go by and there is a bit of in-fighting starting now. The public agrees more with how the Democrats are handling this than the GOP is and I think that news is starting to get back to the offices of our representatives.

    • Big Dog says:

      You can keep telling yourself that more agree with Dems that Rebubs but you are wrong. 75% want a balanced budget amendment. Greater than 50% want cuts and no new taxes. And those who want more revenue usually do not understand what that means or the question is phrased to avoid the indication of taxes.

      How is it that when Obama said i won he was entitled to ignore the GOP which he did. He had both chambers of Congress and did not need one single GOP vote to get his agenda passed so he ignoired them until his Dems in Congress said they needed cover for their actions. They wanted to be able to show everyone did it. So some things did not get passed. if you all wanted to raise taxes you could have done that when you controlled the government and the GOP could not stop you.

      Now, the GOP is only entitled to compromise? How do you justify the I won Obama as not entitling the GOP to compromise but the GOP win entitles them only to compromise?

      Delude yourself if you wish but the public is tired of the accounting tricks used to hide the real costs and the phony cuts. The public is tired of near 10% unemployment (and an actual UE of near 20%) and the public is tired of out of control government.

      You claim the GOP is only entitled to what the Dems allow them to have. That goes both ways. The Dems cannot, in any way, shape or form get what it wants without the GOP. It goes both ways so keep that in mind. Obama will be impeached if he ignores the Constitution on this one.

      The pressure is on Obama, not the GOP. If we “default” (we won’t default, that is a scare tactic) then it will be on Obama. He is in charge and it will happen on his watch so he has more to lose. You all blamed the collapse on Bush even though the Dem Congress caused it. You all credited Clinton with the good stuff even though a Republican Congress caused it. If we do not get this done it will fall squarely on Obama. He will be known as the only one in history to default on our debt. people will tie it to him and that will be his legacy and he knows it. He knows people will not remember the people who were in Congress but will remember his name for all of history.

      The pressure is on him and it is showing in the way he is cracking.

      But tell me Adam, why is it the Dems have not produced a budget in over 2 years? Why has Obama not come up with a plan of his own? He wants distance and wants credit for good but is trying to avoid the blame.

      It will be his. The pressure is on him. And if he screws the pooch he will be the only guy to ever default. He feels the heat and the polls bear it out.

    • Big Dog says:

      Liberal view: Obama wins it entitles him to get what he wants

      Republicans win it entitles them to compromise.

      Only in the liberal world is a liberal win a mandate to do what they want but a Republican win a desire for compromise. We saw that in the last election. For two years Republicans were ignored as Democrats rammed through legislation. Then Republicans won and Democrats said this shows people want us to work together so please do not ignore us. Let’s compromise.

      Not so fun when you are the one getting ignored, is it?

  2. Adam says:

    “75% want a balanced budget amendment.”

    Sure. Let’s pass one and watch our country fall apart.

    “Greater than 50% want cuts and no new taxes.”

    Based on what poll?

    “Only in the liberal world is a liberal win a mandate to do what they want but a Republican win a desire for compromise.”

    How on earth is this confusing to you? I mean, seriously. Until the GOP somehow manages to control all three steps in the process they will be forced to compromise to pass legislation the Democrats disagree with.

    “You all blamed the collapse on Bush even though the Dem Congress caused it.”

    Just keep spinning and lying. Yes, everything was all cotton candy and unicorns in Washington until the Democrats got voted into office in 2006 and caused a global financial meltdown just 11 months later. Revision of history is one of your side’s specialties. I just usually expect you to revise history that happens in years people don’t actually still remember like it happened yesterday.

    • Big Dog says:

      It was a hell of a lot better until the Democrats took over though one would not know it based on how you people screamed about high prices etc before the Dems. Then when they went higher you nblamed it on others.

      Revision of history is YOUR sides strength. You all love to claim Clinton did wonderful things when it was the Republican Congress that forced him to do those things.

      And Adam, Democrats controlled all three branches and screwed things up. You claim they did not need to compromise but when Republicans owned all three branches yo and your side were screaming about the right not compromising.

      perhaps you don’t understand this but now that we have dicived government the Dems can’t get what they want without the Republicans. I prefer gridlock. The republicans can force Obama to do what they want by waiting. Any default (as if there would be one) belongs to Obama alone.

    • Blake says:

      Adam- just WHAT about the Balanced Budget Amendment would make our country fall apart?
      And what he says is the truth even if you can’t see it through liberal eyes- The Dem Congress caused this collapse- remember, THEY (congress) has the power of the purse strings, not the rezident- and while their primary agenda while Bush was in office was “Deny Bush ANY victory”, they, (Dodd, Fwank,Schumer, weiner,(sorry- shrinkage there),Waters, Cummings and all the rest actively pushed the phoney mortgage scams of Fannie and Freddie, insisting all the while that “…Both Fannie and Freddie are fundamentally sound…”
      Look the quotes up on youtube- you actually can see and hear them lie openly about this, unless you are scared of the truth.
      This is not revising history when their own words hang them. It’s just the truth.

  3. CoolCat says:


    What is more pathetic than this audience’s reaction?

    It speaks volumes for why we are in the condition we are in today:

    • Adam says:

      It certainly speaks to the dismal opinion of Congress as a body that cannot get anything done to help the American people.

      • Big Dog says:

        Congress has done too much to the American people. The process is supposed to be slow. Obama and the Democrats have been warned for nearly 8 months that this day was coming. Obama made demands and did not get what he wanted.

        He can reap what he has sown. Your claim of him playing politics when he voted no can haunt him. A real man votes for what is right or what is right to him based on his convictions. You can say he did what he did because he knew it would pass. BS. His statement that they were there because it was a lack of leadership now applies to HIM.

        He is going to be at fault, if he does not go to jail for smuggling guns in mexico first.

        • Adam says:

          “Obama and the Democrats have been warned for nearly 8 months that this day was coming.”

          What fantasy world are you living in where this is still the fault of Democrats simply because they failed to give the GOP everything the GOP demanded?

          “A real man votes for what is right or what is right to him based on his convictions.”

          Right. As if this were the real world and not politics where every action is political and calculated?

          “He is going to be at fault, if he does not go to jail for smuggling guns in Mexico first.”

          Keep dreaming. It’s worked so well for your side up to now.

      • Ferd Berfel says:

        Just what is it that the Democrats do that is “helping The American People?” Putting them go in non-performing debt for universal health-care? Killing investment and jobs through crippling tax-rates? Or making school guidelines than turn brilliant kids into retarded liberals? By turning USA into a socialist welfare state that competes heavily with Greece, we should THANK Obama and the Democrats?

  4. NoTingles says:

    Aug 03, 2011

    Open letter to all-

    Do you remember back to the early days of the Obama regime when he busted the chops of the Republicans in Congress, basically saying, I won the election, and you did not, so it’ll be what I say that goes”. I started telling people then what was going to happen. I said that Obama was going to set himself up as a dictator, that martial law was coming, and more importantly, there would BENO 2012 elections. I am NOT clairvoyant, but I can recognize a classic tyrannical take-over when I see it. There was not one person who could agree with me, and they said I was over-reacting, they scoffed that it was illegal and he couldn’t get away with it and if he tried, they would throw him out of office. Uh-huh.

    Well…Martial law is in place; it’s a done deal already and they pretty much can do whatever they want because even if they get caught, no one is going to say boo to them…TSA has their hands down our pants, our wives’ pants, our childrens’ pants, in every major airport, sporting event and even in shopping malls, trains and bus stations where We The Slaves are being treated like criminals; They tell us they have to do this to, “keep us safe,” after the government has admitted getting “panty-bomber” past Dutch security and onto an USA-bound aircraft. Also witness BATF and their “FAST & LOOSE” scandal which was used arm Mexican drug cartels and to discredit the 2nd Amendment justifying hitlerian gun control regulations outside of law, even though it was exposed for the corruption that it is…If this isn’t martial law, with promised more on the way, I don’t know what is. I should say, news of police state tyranny and corruption abounds, it has been reported/ ignored for many years such that by now it has become status quo: we EXPECT to be mistreated by those whose motto is, “To protect and to serve,” and we lick their boots as if they are our masters. I only mention a couple cases because of brevity, but you should look it up if you don’t know and learn more about it. The news should shock you, and if it doesn’t, it’s too late.

    Yesterday, the Obama dictatorship was officially established, just like I said it would be…. And what about all that talk about throwing him out now? Cue the crickets. I mean he was caught dead to rights in an unprecedented and completely unconstitutional fraud with a bad forgery for a birth certificate, and nothing happens to him. So why should I listen to all the tough-talk from armchair patriots, Dennis Kucinich? You will get the tyranny you allow. Apparently all of you are saying, “Bring it on!”

    Just wait until 2012 to find out the elections have been cancelled???? Y’all just keep sitting the bench and see what he does. That’s right, pay no attention to the warnings from people who’ve bothered to inform and educate themselves- that’s right, because they’re just a bunch of dangerous, fear-mongering, tin-foil hat wearing, conspiracy theory loons who don’t have a grip on reality and should be jailed without a trial for being terrorists. Oh yes, as if all of you deniers have your shit together. You have fiddled while the Republic burns.