Helpful Hints For John Kerry To Obtain Release Of His Records

John Kerry has still not signed an SF 180 to release his military records as he promised to do on national television. I have been thinking that he might not exactly know how to cut through the red tape so here are some helpful hints, John.

If you are a veteran, did you know that you may request copies of your DD Form 214 (Report of Separation) and other military records for FREE?

To request copies of your records, you will need to do one of the following:
1) Mail a SF-180 to: National Personnel Records Center (NPRC),Military Personnel Records, 9700 Page Avenue, St Louis, MO 63132-5100.
2) Fax a SF-180 to: NPRC at 314-801-9195, OR
3) Go to: and select Military Service Records. Follow the directions for requesting records or select Use eVetRecs system to create request.

You will need the following information to locate your records:
* Your complete name used while in service
* Service number
* Social Security Number
* Branch of Service
* Dates of Service
* Date and Place of Birth

The request must be signed and dated by you, the veteran, or a next-of-kin.
NPRC normally responds to requests for DD Form 214s within ten working days or less. Once you have allowed the allotted time, you may check the status of your request by calling the NPRC Customer Service Line at 314-801-0800.
If you have any further questions about obtaining your military service records, please visit the NPRC website at

I hope that this is helpful to Senator Kerry and good information for any other veteran who needs copies of military records.

John, we will not forget your promise. It will be an issue if you decide to run again.

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2 Responses to “Helpful Hints For John Kerry To Obtain Release Of His Records”

  1. Cao says:

    Actually, Dog, he released his records to the Boston Globe but he left out a big piece. It’s probably the most important piece–it includes the details of his discharge. Since he came back and joined Vietnam Vets against the War almost immediately, and there is a suspicious (I think it’s a 6-year) gap between his coming home and his discharge, what many pundits assume is that he was either dishonorably discharged, or he went AWOL. Carter (I think it was Carter) granted all the military shirkers amnesty or something of that nature after the war, so they could come back from Canada and stuff. This also “forgave” traitors like Kerry for the deeds they participated in against their brothers at arms.

    At Pirate’s Cove and Blogs For Bush there are a couple of interesting posts regarding Kerry signing the form 180 to release his military records.

    He signed them, but there are 100 pages or so missing. That’s why we changed it from “sign your 180” to “set your 180 free”

  2. Cao says:

    This is a better article on Kerry’s 180. Sorry ’bout that. The point is, he signed it, but he really didn’t deliver anything new when he did–and there are still a bunch of unanswered questions and 100 or so missing pages.