Helen Thomas Snubbed, Again

President Bush had a press conference today where ho took questions for about 45 minutes. During that entire time he did not call on the relic, Helen Thomas. The President saw here raising her hand, he had to because he called on all the reporters around her. Thomas said it is because he is a coward who is afraid to take her on. I say she is full of it because he has taken her on. The best way to take on a reporter, especially one who is blinded to reality by personal bias, is to silence them.

Quite some time ago I was asking why they did not just take her press credentials away. I feel she has over stayed her welcome and her harsh partisan attacks are not productive. While she likes to believe she asks the tough questions she usually just asks stupid things in an attempt to embarrass the President (but only this one, not the last one). Yes, I wanted her out of there but I am glad they did not listen to me. It is far more enjoyable to think of how ticked off she must be every time he bypasses her.

George Bush has the right idea. Don’t get mad, get even. And the best way to get even with reporters is to keep them from speaking and don’t give them anything. It must really eat Thomas up that all her reports have someone else’s questions in them.

Way to go W.

Source: Drudge

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