Helen Thomas Needs to Go!!

Helen Thomas

Long time White House correspondent Helen Thomas is 82 years old and has been at her job for a long time. She either suffers from dementia or she is just mean spirited. I think it is probably a bit of both. In an interview with someone at News Max Thomas called President Bush a fascist and Condoleezza Rice a God D**n liar. Thomas has had a sharp tongue all during the election season and never missed a chance to call Bush terrible names. Imagine how the left would respond if a Republican called a liberal black woman a GD liar.

She is the reporter who use to sit in the front row and was allowed to ask the first question. She now states she has been relegated to the back row and the President is afraid to ask her anything. Perhaps her anger comes from losing her elite status but can anyone blame the administration for relegating her to the back of the room? She acts like she is entitled to some kind of special treatment. I think she was treated rather fairly. If I were in charge I would have taken away her White House press pass and told her to hit the road.

I think she is delusional in thinking that President Bush is afraid to ask her a question. I can?t imagine anyone being afraid of a frail old woman. I think this is the way the President is getting even for the things she says and writes. He is snubbing her and that is something a liberal elitist can not stand. I think the only reason the President did not pull her credentials is so that she will come there every time there is a conference and he can snub her again. You would think she would get the message. Perhaps she thinks she has been treated unfairly but maybe the President is just looking out for her. He put her close to the door so she could be near the latrine in case she has those old lady troubles with her bladder. There is nothing worse than stinky Depends. Also, she is probably closer to the door so she will not have to walk so far. When she gets out of breath her brain starves for oxygen and then she writes liberal tripe.

I think Thomas should just retire. She needs to get out and see the real world and stop living in the DC Twilight Zone. Maybe, just maybe, she can take that has-been Dan Rather with her.

You can read the story here.

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