Helen Thomas Keeps Seat

The White House Press Corps announced the seating arrangements for the White House press briefing room and somehow this is news worthy to every person in the world. The one noteworthy item is this:

In addition, the board agreed to honor a previous commitment by our association to maintain Helen Thomas’ seat in the first row. As the dean of the White House press corps, Helen is an institution. First with United Press International and now as a White House columnist for Hearst newspapers, Helen has covered every president since John Kennedy. Drudge

They really had no choice because her mummified remains are stuck to the seat. Though she covered every president since Kennedy as part of the White House Press Corps, she actually has covered presidential events since George Washington was sworn in. Her most memorable line from the time came when she asked Washington about our troops not having boots and his toss of a dollar across the river:

Thomas: Mr. President, how is it you failed to provide our troops with the equipment they need? Seems like boots would be an item we could get for them. Their families have to use Franklin’s postal service to send out new boots. While I am at it, why did you waste a dollar like that when we could have used it to feed the poor?

Washington: You go to war with the boots you have, not the boots you wish you had and I threw the dollar to keep Congress from taxing the hell out of it. You tried this help the poor stuff when you told Judas what to say to Jesus about the oil. I thought he made his position pretty clear.

And there you have it, the news out of the White House Press Corps that certainly affects us all.

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One Response to “Helen Thomas Keeps Seat”

  1. kathy says:

    They really had no choice because her mummified remains are stuck to the seat



    Why did they cave! They had her out of that seat… They should have kept it that way!..

    Bet they didn’t ask Tony Snow his preference.