He was Practicing Medicine Without a License

In Macomb County Michigan a teenage boy is being charged in the death of his girlfriend’s fetus. It seems these two decided they did not want a baby so they hatched a plan to get rid of it. The boy beat her in the stomach for a period of time until she miscarried. He is being charged. The law says no matter what the mother did, she can not be charged.

This has a few problems that I can see. First of all, the left will tell you that it is not a life. It is not a life until it is born (and this one was not yet viable). If it is not a life, how can he be charged with killing it? You know, like how can Scott Peterson be guilty of two murders when the baby was not yet born? How is Lacy’s baby a baby but the MO woman had a fetus cut out of her.

The charge, Intentional conduct against a pregnant individual resulting in miscarriage or stillbirth, is a felony punishable by up to fifteen years imprisonment.

Read that carefully. Does this mean that if a doctor performs an abortion he is guilty of the same thing? Intentional conduct… It would seem that they have outlawed abortion and do not know it. I want to know how this act is any worse than a partial birth abortion. I believe this kid should tell the judge he was not killing a fetus. He should state that he was performing an abortion. He should state that the worst he should be charged with is practicing medicine without a license. He just did what thousands of doctors do every day. And since the left has decided that the girl does not need to tell her parents or get permission then someone should be in trouble for spilling the beans.

The last thing I do not understand is why the girl is not charged. She went along with the plan. She should be charged with the same crime.

And just to make it clear. I think both kids are guilty of murder. Just as guilty as the abortion doctors who kill unborn babies.

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