He Should Have Gotten The Max

Representative Randy Cunningham was sentenced to just over 8 years for taking millions of dollars worth of payoffs from defense contractors. The maximum he could have gotten was 10 years and he should have been sentenced to every minute of it. Cunningham was an elected official and part of his job involved public trust. He violated that trust for personal gain and that is inexcusable. Cunningham had a menu with the Congressional Seal and it described how much it cost to do business with him. This criminal needs to be serve his sentence in hard labor breaking great big rocks into little bitty rocks into sand.

This conviction will no doubt fuel the mantra of “culture of corruption” but the donks would do well to remember that the last four elected officials convicted of this sort of thing were Democrats. Corruption knows no party boundaries and those who participate, regardless of affiliation, should receive the harshest sentence that can be given. I also think that any contractor who gave the bribes should be suspended from doing work with the government or have to pay a fine equal to five times what they paid in bribes.

John Kerry did not miss a beat on this. Here is what he had to say, as reported in the Federalist Patriot:

“We have to restore the faith of the American people in Congress… The culture of corruption is out of control when Washington Republicans haven’t lifted a finger to investigate Members of Congress’ ties with Jack Abramoff and when Duke Cunningham was convicted without so much as a sanction from the House.” —John Kerry, who promised more than a year ago to release his military records, on restoring the faith of the American people

Notice the last sentence. As pointed out by the Federalist Patriot, Kerry has still not restored the faith of Americans by releasing his military records like he promised, more than a year ago.We need term limits and we need to get rid of the ones in there and replace them with regular Americans who will do a much better job.

Source: My Way News

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