He Should Have Asked Teddy

One of Ted Kennedy’s relatives has been in jail for a few years for a murder he committed when he was a youngster. Michael Skakel had an appeal rejected (not considered) by the Connecticut Supreme Court when he contended that the statute of limitations had passed. If you translate it then I take it to be “I did it but it was so long ago you can not charge me.” Here is the entire article from WBAL:

An attorney for Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel said Tuesday she would appeal his murder conviction to the U.S. Supreme Court after the Connecticut Supreme Court refused to reconsider the case.

Skakel, 45, is serving a sentence of 20 years to life for his 2002 conviction in the 1975 beating death of his Greenwich neighbor, Martha Moxley, when the two were teenagers.

Skakel appealed his conviction to the Connecticut Supreme Court last year, arguing among other things that the statute of limitations had expired when he was charged in 2000. The court unanimously rejected that appeal in January.

The motion for reconsideration had asked the court to review its decision, which overturned a 1983 precedent. The court denied the motion last week.

Attorney Hope Seeley said Tuesday she would appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Skakel, a nephew of Ethel Kennedy, also has a petition for a new trial pending in Superior Court in Stamford. That petition is based on a claim by Gitano “Tony” Bryant implicating two of his friends in Moxley’s murder. Bryant is a cousin of basketball star Kobe Bryant.

This guy should have asked Ted how to go about killing a person and getting away with it. I see one of the folks who has a hand in this is related to Kobe Bryant, another criminal. Maybe this guy can get a gazillion dollar diamond to make things right for everybody.

What kind of world do we live in where a Kennedy can not get away with a murder?

Source: WBAL

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