He Must Be The Right Person For The Job

Today most of the Congressional Black Caucus announced that it would oppose the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito. This comes as no surprise because all of them are liberal and they do not want a person on the bench who rules based upon the Constitution, instead of some feel good idea. Of course, it is a moot point because most of them are in the House and they do not vote on the nomination. Alito must be a good choice if the CBC opposes him. He represents everything they are against such as following the rule of law and not legislating from the bench.

In another sign that Alito is a great choice, the National Women’s Law Center plans to announce their opposition to the nomination. This is another liberal group that does not want the rule of LAW despite their name. Since these folks rely on judicial legislation to achieve their goals they are obviously not happy with a nominee who will rule based upon the Constitution, something they heard about in law school but do not pay much attention to.

Read it here.

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