He Is Not The Commander In Chief Of Civilians

Unless one is in the military (or the militia of the several states called into actual service of the United States) the President of the United States is not that person’s Commander in Chief. The Constitution states the president is the Commander in Chief of the Army and the Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States (Article II Section 2) therefore he is not the CINC of civilians. He has plenty of civilians that work under him since he is in charge of the Executive Branch of the government including civilians who work for defense but he is their boss, not their CINC.

The chief public affairs official for the Army’s Joint Munitions Command, Stephen D. Abney, sent out a memo telling civilian employees that if they grant an interview to the press (regarding the sequester) they are reminded not to say anything that might be perceived as criticism of the Commander in Chief or any political party.

He did tell them that they should make it clear they are expressing their own opinions and are not speaking for anyone else which is good advice.

However, these people are free to express themselves, as private citizens (so they should make it clear they are not speaking for any agency), in any way they want. If they want to tell the press that it is not necessary to furlough people and that the only reason this is being done is to cause pain so Obama can get his way then they are free to do so.

If they want to blame Republicans or Democrats or both parties then they are free to do so.

The members of the military are not allowed to speak in such a fashion because Obama is their Commander in Chief but he does NOT hold that title over civilians.

I do not recommend these employees say outrageous things but if they feel like expressing their disgust at the lack of leadership in the White House and in Congress then they should certainly do so.

If I were one of them I would not speak to the press to begin with.

Most of them are Obama stenographers and it would be like teaching a pig to sing.

Besides, the regime has already posted its marching orders and they can’t have anyone going off narrative. Obama predicted dire circumstances and he can’t have anyone ruining what he has worked so hard to do.

He wants pain. The White House is closed to tours starting this Saturday because of staffing cuts due to the sequester. I find it hard to believe this happened because employees have to get a 30 day notice and that notice is not expected until 26 March (meaning furloughs start 26 April). It is about causing harm and inconvenience to get people riled up.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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2 Responses to “He Is Not The Commander In Chief Of Civilians”

  1. Vxnschatzee says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is about canceling the tours anyway (except that the people who conduct them may feel that pain). How about we do some really painful cutting – like no more vacations, no more golfing, no more parties for the White House (and the fools in it) on the taxpayers’ money. NO MORE. While we’re at it, let’s cut down on those SS dollars but removing any guns and ammo that his guards have (he doesn’t see the need for them so this should be a given). We can also cut out the large staff afforded to him and his family because that is really a waste. They lived without it before – we (meaning the country) certainly can’t afford that kind of luxury anymore.

    The people are being forced to cut back and struggle – he should make the pain where it counts, where it could make a difference, where it belongs. In HIS spending.

    • Big Dog says:

      The issue though is that cancelling the tours does nothing to put a dent in the budget. It was done to hurt people and force Congress to give Obama what he wants. The tours should remain open because the White House belongs to the PEOPLE who graciously allow Obama (and all other presidents) to live there. He has no right to close OUR house in this fashion.

      He is out to hurt people so they rise up in protest (bottom up top down) and he can get what he wants. It is all about inflciting pain. This is why 800k Defense employees will be furloughed. It is not because there is no place else to cut, it is because the politicians in Defense are following the orders from Barry to hurt people, period.

      If it were really about the budget then Obama would be open to ways to keep the WH open. Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity and Donald Trump have all offered to pay to keep the tours going (the first two a week each and Trump will fund it to keep it going). Why not jump on that? Because then there would be no pain. There would be no school chirren screaming about their trours being cancelled, no anguished parents, no upset schools and on and on.