He Could Not Manage His Own Budget

John Kerry wanted to be the President of the United States. He told us he had ideas. He told us he had a plan though that plan was never revealed. One thing he assured us was that he would not allow these Bush tax cuts that only help the wealthy (a Democratic lie that has been proven false a number of times) and he and his partner John Edwards were going to balance the budget and get spending under control. John Kerry was going to manage our federal budget and he could not properly manage his campaign budget:

“I think the biggest mistake was probably not going outside the federal financing so we could have controlled our own message,” the Massachusetts senator said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The Kerry campaign opted to accept federal money _ and federal spending limits and other rules _ after he won the Democratic nomination. The nominating convention in Boston occurred more than a month before the GOP renominated Bush, forcing Kerry to begin spending under federal rules much earlier than Bush.

“We had a 13-week general election, they had an eight-week general election. We had the same pot of money. We had to harbor our resources in a different way and we didn’t have the same freedom,” Kerry said.

What makes Kerry even more incompetent is that for months the pundits were commenting about this. They were all talking about how if Kerry took federal money he would have to follow the rules 5 weeks earlier than Bush. Everyone knew this and everyone was talking about it and Kerry STILL took the money. He basically screwed up and put himself under constraints that his opponent did not have. Kerry mismanaged a small thing like that while telling us he would manage the federal budget like a pro. Kerry also said that he needed more money to counter negative ads and to win. I don’t think it would have made a difference but always the liberal, Kerry’s answer to a problem was to throw more money at it.

Kerry lost because he was inept. He can cry all he wants about his money but he received millions of dollars in advertising from George Soros and other moonbats. Kerry received quite a bit of help. He lost because he is a loser. He was unable to effectively manage his money. Typical liberal.

Source: Breitbart.com

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