Have An Ethics Problem? Just Scream Racism

Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters (this Congresswoman is about Socialism – her words, not mine) are in some hot water. Rangel has had 13 charges brought against him after a two year investigation and he faces the possibility of a public trial on his many ethical violations. Waters is under investigation and might have a public trial as well. Both trials would come just prior to the November elections and would hurt the already battered Democrats.

It is important to note that Rangel and Waters wanted the trials. Before we get into it any further, it is important to recognize this. They wanted the trials, they will get them, and now a bunch of people are crying.

You see, Waters and Rangel are black so this must be targeted against them because of their color. The evidence is that several other members have been or are under investigation and they are black. Yep, there is a concerted effort to go after black members of Congress. Never mind the illegal things they have done, they are being targeted not because of their illegal acts but because of their color.

Of course this ignores the fact that plenty of white members of Congress are under investigation or have been investigated. The major difference between them and Rangel and Waters is that they did not want a public trial so they settled the matters against them long before it got to that point. Remember, Rangel and Waters are at this stage in the game because they wanted to have the trials. The most recent white members who have been in trouble resigned from Congress. Rangel and Waters did not reach a settlement and they did not resign. They wanted a public trial.

I guess they figured it would never get that far and by screaming for a public trial they figured people would assume they must be innocent. Now that they are getting their wishes many Democrats are distancing themselves from them and some are asking for Rangel to resign with dignity (this would assume he actually had any).

Rangel is a pimp. He rides around in a big car paid for by taxpayers and he acts like a pimp in the hood. He is a slick mac daddy who thinks that the rules do not apply to him so I doubt he will resign (but the right deal might make it happen).

While he is getting pressure to resign many are looking at things and making claims that blacks in Congress are being treated differently.

There’s a “dual standard, one for most members and one for African-Americans,” said one member of the Congressional Black Caucus, speaking on condition of anonymity. Politico

Oh really? Those poor blacks have a different standard. What a crock of BS. The reality of the situation is that Rangel has been given every benefit of the doubt for the past two years. There is no doubt to sensible people that Rangel broke the law on a number of occasions. He can claim ignorance but he broke the law (what was that about ignorance of the law being no excuse) and he should pay for it regardless of his color. Rangel benefited from his skin color and his party affiliation. Representative Massa resigned quickly after allegations that he sexually harassed male staffers. He was probably worried about what would be made public if they investigated him. He resigned to avoid embarrassment.

Massa is a white Democrat. Is there any doubt that if a Republican (regardless of color) had the baggage that Rangel has or committed the acts that Waters allegedly has that Republican would be investigated quickly, would not get the benefit of the doubt and would be guilty in the court of media opinion? Rangel has had a two year ride while they tried every which way to find a way out. Rangel wanted a trial so they had no choice but to give him one.

Now they are talking a deal. I believe that it would take a Republican on the committee to agree. No Republican should (neither should the Democrats). Rangel wanted this public trial and they should make sure he gets it. Nancy Pelosi promised to drain the swamp so let us have this trial so we can see what is at the bottom of it when it is drained.

I am tired of hearing about some racist motive every time a black person gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. If they committed a crime then it matters not what color they are and it should not matter what party they are from, they should be held accountable for what they did.

The funny thing about this is the quoted item above. There is a standard for Congress and a different one for blacks in Congress. How about there is a different standard for Congress than there is for every other person in this country?

This is absolutely true. If any other person in a private business did the things that these people have done and are doing then they would be in jail. Many people in the private sector are hauled before Congress to be grilled over things they have done that are no different than what members of Congress have done. Sweetheart deals, kickbacks, jobs for family members, affairs with staffers, and who knows how many other infractions Congress members commit only to be excused while they are pointing fingers at others.

To top it all off, Congress investigates itself and the investigation involves the rules for the House or the Senate. It does not matter if they committed a serious crime if it is not in that rule book or if the people in Congress investigating it deem it to be no offense.

You won’t find that kind of system in the real world.

No, none of this has to do with the color of the skin of the people involved. It has everything to do with entrenched politicians who feel they are above the law. It is about people who have been doing this so long they do not think they have to follow the rules.

It is about power corrupting and it is about the need for term limits.

But it damn sure is not about color.

Throw all the bums out in November and start fresh.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Have An Ethics Problem? Just Scream Racism”

  1. Blake says:

    When Duke Cunningham had his problems, the Reps threw him out- when Foley had his, ditto- and so on- they were white, but did you hear anybody scream racism because of it? No- and this is the difference between Reps and Dems- Reps try to get rid of the trash, the Dems just hug it closer, as if they can cover it up- but like a cat trying to cover its poop on a vinyl floor, they cannot- they just cannot recognize that they cannot- they haven’t the intellectual capacity to recognize this, or else their hubris is such that they will, TWO YEARS after proclaiming that they will have “the most ethical Congress ever”, they have the most corrupt.
    Leet us not forget Rep. Jefferson, the man with frozen cash- yes, he was ousted in an election, but he was also protected.
    Is this the progressive “Affirmative Action”? It is OK to steal from taxpayers, BECAUSE you are Black? Of course not, as we can see from the antics of Lil’ Timmy Geithner, who is head of our Treasury, yet can’t do TURBOTAX? No, he just thought he could get away with stealing from the public, and this is a Progressive Problem, and a big one at that-