Hate Filled Speech Or Hate Filled Acts?

When Democrats want to have guest speakers at a college the speakers are welcomed with open arms. Some of those colleges ban conservatives from attending the events under their interpretation of “inclusion.” When colleges have a conservative speaker, and that is rare compared to liberal speakers, the conservatives allow all students, who so desire, to attend. This becomes unfortunate because the liberals can not behave like adults. They insist on screaming, ranting, throwing pies and generally disrupting the speaker. The liberal college students echo the methods of the liberal elected representatives in that they scream and holler and disrupt people that they do not want to hear. This is a method of argument employed when one does not have a valid counter-argument.

Ann Coulter was at the University of Connecticut on Wednesday and had to cut her speech short because of the disruptions of the liberals who came to “hear” what she had to say. Many of the disruptive students said that Coulter was full of hate and her speeches display that hate (like screaming and throwing pies is not a hate filled action). This is another typical liberal rant when ever they do not want to hear something they label it as hate speech. I noticed that when Ward Churchill and other liberal idiots like him make hate speeches, and they really are hate filled, the liberals flock in to hear what these people have to say. They are not banned, they are not screamed at by conservatives and they are allowed to exercise their right to speak freely. Regardless of what the liberals tell you, they only believe it is free speech when they are the ones speaking. When someone says something they do not like they cut it off. So much for the idea that the left is fighting for your rights.

What colleges need to look at is how many liberals give speeches, hate filled speeches, and are allowed to speak. How many of these places bar conservatives from attending? Then take a look at how few conservative speakers are allowed to talk. You will find that the conservatives do not bar anyone from attending and you will find that the liberals disrupt speeches while the conservatives do not. Of course this type of stupidity is tolerated by the people who run the institutions because they are all liberal elitists who think they know more than the uneducated masses.

Imagine the uproar if conservative groups barred liberals from attending a college event. Imagine how the MSM would play up these types of events if the conservatives were disrupting and throwing pies at people. When the left does it they are ignored because they are the protected class in the MSM.

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One Response to “Hate Filled Speech Or Hate Filled Acts?”

  1. Josh says:

    Don’t you get it? It’s only hate speech or non-inclusive if the college administrators don’t agree. Therefore, by definition, no lefty, no matter how hate filled their screed may be, can ever be accused of hate speech by a college campus.