Has Appeasement Cost The French?

During the ramp up to the war in Iraq, part of the War on Terror, the French would not support the effort. They pledged their support after 9/11 but quickly withdrew that support when they realized that, unlike his predecessor, Bush meant business. The US went in with a coalition that did not include the French, a country that owes its very existence to the Americans.

The French wanted appeasement. The fact they were up to their eyeballs in oil-for-food and that many of the weapons found in Iraq had French markings were probably factors in their decision to sit this one out. We have made fun of the lack of guts shown by the French but they did have to protect their illicit activities. The French wanted to take a wait and see attitude. They were not convinced these radical Islamic fighters were all that bad. They just needed to be understood. Look how peacefully they live in France. All this talk about Islam taking over the world is ridiculous. Jihad schmihad.

Now the French are feeling the heat, so to speak, of their inaction. A couple of Muslim kids were running from the law and hid in an area with electrical equipment. They were fired to death and the Muslim community went wild. They have been rioting for the past week and burning everything in sight. The French have tried most everything to regain law and order but it has not worked. Latest estimates show that a thousand cars have been burned and probably more buildings than that. The rioters have marched all the way into Paris (a common occurrence when the French are attacked) and it looks as if they will burn the country to the ground. In addition, a bomb making factory has been discovered.

Are the French paying for complacency? It has often been said that the Radical Islamic Factions view complacency as a sign of weakness. The unwillingness of the French to shoot the rioters can only reinforce that idea. So because of the acts of a few kids the country of France is being burned to the ground in a jihad of sorts. I would not be surprised, if the French to not regain law and order, if the Muslims take the country and claim it as their own.

The French have gotten a rude awakening. They have found out that live and let live does not work when radical factions are involved. They are badly beaten and bloodied by this outburst and they do not appear to be getting a hold of the situation. Perhaps the UN would like to chime in with some help. Don’t count on it. The US will surely be offering aid to them to help them rebuild. The French had better learn quickly from this mistake and take a strong stance. They can start by shooting, to KILL, the rioters.

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4 Responses to “Has Appeasement Cost The French?”

  1. France Losing Control, Newsweek Stuck on Stupid

    Okay, enough is enough! Even the Huffington Post has had the sense to stay away from analyzing the Paris riots. So, why is Newsweek parroting the party line? These are not poor, misunderstood people rising up to build themselves a…

  2. Wild Thing says:

    America had race riots in the late 1960s. But these riots are fundamentally different. These riots are not the tail-end of a peaceful, pro-French civil rights movement. The rioters and their leaders aren’t demanding that the French embrace them, nor is that what they are after. If they have an objective, it is to transform France into an Islamic state. At best, these thugs and fledgling Islamofascists wish to preserve their ability to act outside of the constraints of law and civilized norms. At worst, they wish to terrorize the French until they convert to Islam, and to enslave those who don’t convert.
    France has done just about everything it can to undermine the efforts by the U.S. in the fight against terrorists. France better hope and pray for the success of our American troops and for the first time in the existence of France, become pro America. Nope that is not going to happen though.

  3. Wild Thing says:

    I agree with you Big Dog, the French have learned a hard lesson. My gut feeling is though that the French will not learn from this. They probably will turn it into something it never was about and maybe even take themselves deeper into the problem. Of all the countries I have been to France is the only one where I had the feeling the people didn’t even like each other. A very odd feeling and very noticeable.

  4. Phil says:

    We let Illegal people march in the US and do nothing about it. We should take care of our house befor we blast someone else.