Harry Reid Speaks Of Integrity?

Harry Reid told a whopper of a lie last week when he claimed that he received a call saying that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for the past decade or so. It just so happens that the Obama campaign can’t find any dirt on Romney like it has in all of Obama’s other campaigns so it is inventing some. The Democrats want to get hold of Romney’s complicated tax returns and pour through them to find some obscure thing most folks don’t understand and then portray it as Romney avoiding taxes.

Romney is having none of it and he shouldn’t. If Romney had not paid taxes in the last decade the IRS would have gone after him. You can also bet that Reid is lying because if Romney had not paid taxes the Obama White House would have leaked his tax returns.

The cretin Reid took to the Senate floor to say that Romney had not paid taxes. Reid knows that the only way to prove he is wrong is for Romney to release the returns. This is the plan. The ends justify the means and the end for Democrats is to get those returns so they can invent some issue with them.

Reid is an idiot and should be removed from office. Once Romney wins the presidency he should release his returns, show he paid taxes and sue Reid for defamation.

How can Harry Reid even question Romney? Reid is the cretin who was involved with the mob in regards to gaming in Nevada. Reid is the one who made illegal land deals and became quite wealthy doing so. And Reid has ensured that his family was taken care of by using his position.

The latest example is Harry Reid pushing for green energy from a China firm that he played a part in getting into Nevada. Why did Reid do this? Because his son represents the Chinese company.

Harry Reid is using his position to help his son and this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Reid’s ethical challenges. Reid lacks integrity and is a criminal, period. Hey Harry, you have been hit in the head too many times and your brain has turned to mush.

It is amazing to me that Obama and his Democrats want Romney to release tax returns when Obama’s vital records are locked up tighter than a gnat’s behind.

Some folks are calling Harry Reid a liar. That is absolutely true. He did not receive some mysterious call and he did not get some inside information about Romney. Reid made it all up.

In addition to being a liar Reid is a criminal who is using his office to enrich himself and his family. His ties to the criminals in organized labor ensured his reelection and his ties to shady people made him very rich.

If anyone in the Senate has testicular fortitude they would challenge Reid and demand an investigation into the lie he perpetrated while speaking to that body.

Then again, the best rebuke of Reid would be to relegate him to minority status in the Senate.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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