Harry Reid Should Know

The December Jackass of the Month is Harry Reid. He won that dishonor for a reason. Harry Reid is, well a Jackass. He was on Fox News Sunday and said that this is the most corrupt Congress in history. He tried to distance himself from the Jack Abramoff controversy by saying that he never received any money from the man. Harry was splitting hairs because he received money from Abramoff clients. That makes him as guilty as anyone else he wants to point a finger at. Harry Reid is dirty and he is up to his eyeballs in questionable practices.

Reid successfully pushed legislation in 2002 that opened tens of thousands of acres of federal land for private development by none other than his sons’ employers. The legislation was chock full of jargon, and Reid never mentioned the companies that stood to benefit or his sons’ connections to them.

Harry ReidHarry Reid is involved in a number of shady deals and Abramoff is part of some of them. Any elected official who is involved in corruption should pay the price regardless of party affiliation. But for Reid to act like an altar boy surrounded by scandal is worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Reid called this the most corrupt Congress. He should know since he is part of it.


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