Harry Reid Plays Racist Card

The Senate voted to make English the official language of the US. This has been a long time in coming and I think it is about time we had an official language. This country was founded by English speaking people and English has been the standard language since that time. High School students are required to take English, all other languages are electives. Democrat Dingy Harry Reid says the move is racist.

“This amendment is racist. I think it’s directed basically to people who speak Spanish,” the Democrat said during the already tense debate over immigration reform.

Someone should tell Reid this is directed at people who do not speak English. Spanish speaking people just happen to be the bulk of the offenders thanks to the lax immigration rules in this country. I am constantly amazed at how politicians bend over backwards to appease people who think that when they come here they are entitled to everything and have no regard for our cultures and traditions.

When I lived in Germany the military required me to attend a two week Headstart course so that i could learn some German phrases and words to help me assimilate into the culture. I was not great at the language but spoke it the best I could when communicating with the people who lived there. I did this out of respect. BTW, none of the phrases I was taught included asking for hand outs, social security, or free health care.

As I have stated, the more I see the people in Congress in action the more I want to vote them all out and replace them with folks, regardless of party, who want to run this country correctly. Perhaps if more average citizens were invited to address Congress and let them know how we feel they might get their acts together. I know I would give them something to think about. Only problem is most of us to not have the access fees required to get to a Congressman. They are so entrenched in their comfy jobs doing nothing while looking busy that we will never get on the right track.

Source: Washington Post

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3 Responses to “Harry Reid Plays Racist Card”

  1. Bosun says:

    We caught the same comment about the same time. I read it at Fox News. Last night I was working on a piece about Roosevelt and put it in draft. I saw the news this morning and fired for effect on Reid’s socialist statement.

    Put Dingy Harry down as jackass of the month nominee.

    R/ Bosun

  2. Big Dog says:

    I could not figure out how to trackback to your post….

    Harry Reid has been JOTM two times before. This might be a hat trick!

  3. Robert says:

    He’s got my vote for JOTM Big Dog