Harry Reid Planned The Shutdown

For those unfamiliar with the appropriations process in Congress the whole thing can be confusing. But one thing that is easy to understand is that the process involves sending about a dozen appropriations bills from the House to the Senate where the Senate changes them and sends them back. The two chambers hash out differences and then a final bill is passed and sent to the White House.

Notice that the process does not involve one bill that funds the entire government. The process involves separate appropriations bills for different parts of the government.

So when Harry Reid told you (and Barack Obama emphasized) that they would not accept piecemeal bills from the House because, according to them, that is not how you fund government, they were lying.

The reality is they did not pass a budget and they were not trying to pass a budget. They were trying to pass a continuing resolution. That is basically a bill that admits Congress is unable to do its Constitutional duty and pass a budget so they pass a CR to keep open.

In fact, there has not been a budget the entire time Obama has been in office because Harry Reid in the Senate has refused to pass one. He has gone as far as ignoring the bills sent from the House and he did that for a reason.

Reid has conspired with the White House to shut down the government. Democrats think a shutdown benefits them in 2014. They want to keep the Senate and get the House back so they can spend the last two years of Obama’s term passing gun control and amnesty and as many other socialist dreams they can fit in.

As I stated, Harry Reid has deliberately ignored the budget process and has refused to take up the appropriations bills sent from the House. He did that earlier this year. The House of Representatives passed all of the appropriations bills required to fund the government earlier this year (in the March-May time frame). Note that they did not pass one bill funding the entire government as Obama and Reid would have you believe is the norm, they passed the package of separate appropriations as has been the practice for centuries.

Harry Reid refused to take them up in the Senate. If Reid had done his job those bills would have been considered by the Senate, changes made, differences worked out, and then a compromise passed and sent to the President for his signature.

But Reid did as he has done for years; he ignored those bills and he neglected to do his duty.

Why would Reid do this? He wanted to force a showdown with Republicans in the House in order to shut down the government. Reid ensured that absolutely no bill presented by Republicans would pass. That the first bill would fail is a given because it defunded Obamacare and Democrats would rather collapse the country than admit that law is a disaster. The subsequent bills only delayed the individual mandate so people would get the same consideration as the big businesses Obama helped out (illegally, I might add). That too was rejected.

Then the House sent a bill giving Democrats all that they wanted but removed the special carve out for Congress. They keep telling you that there is no carve out but there is. The Obamacare law requires members of Congress to be in the Exchanges. They all are going to be in the exchanges. But people in the exchanges do not get an employer contribution; they either get a subsidy or are ineligible for a subsidy. Members of Congress are not eligible because of income so they would have to pay it all. Obama had OPM make a ruling that provides for an employer contribution for the wealthy people in Congress. While Joe Six Pack is getting socked with tens of thousands of dollars in premiums the members of Congress got a carve out.

In any event, Harry Reid rejected this as well. So the House then did what it has done for decades and what it did just this past spring. It passed individual appropriations to fund the government. Reid rejected this as not the way to do business. He referred to Americans as anarchists and radicals while members of the liberal establishment labeled us as terrorists and hostage takers (as an aside, Harry Reid is a coward who will call people names on TV and while he has security. He has not the balls to actually tell a person these things to his face).

The only real hostage takers were the people on the left led by chief terrorist Harry Reid. Reid rejected everything so that he could get the government shut down. He carried out the plan orchestrated by Valerie Jarrett, the Communist who tells Obama what to do. Jarrett is skilled at carrying out the Rules for Radicals that Alinsky put in place. She plans for Obama and has her henchmen in the party carry out those plans.

The bill passed by the Senate and accepted by the surrender monkeys weakens the ability of Congress to control the debt ceiling. Like I wrote about yesterday, they can now spend freely and claim to have voted against it or not to have voted for it.

Harry Reid carried out the plan to shut down government so the Democrats could gain an advantage going onto the 2014 midterm elections. They want the House back and they will stop at nothing to get it.

The real losers in all of this are the Americans who work each and every day to make a better life for themselves and their families. People work hard and pay more and more in taxes to see that money go to welfare. There are far too many folks on welfare and government encourages more to join the roles each day.

This too is part of the grand plan to gain control. Look at how many people went nuts when the food stamp program went down for a few hours. These leeches are threatening to riot if they don’t get “their” money. Got to keep the Obama base happy and keep paying so they stay on the liberal plantation.

This is all part of the plan to fundamentally transform this nation.

Obama is a Communist and he wants to bring America down. Harry Reid is one of the terrorists charged with ensuring that happens.

I pray for my country.

Part of the deal that reopened the 17% of government that was shut down includes a death benefit for the wife of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg. I would be willing to have our government provide such a benefit for all liberals if they would be so kind as to join Senator Lautenberg. We can give the same deal to RINOs who supported this mess. McCain and McConnell can say hi to Ted Kennedy…


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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