Harry Reid, Open Mouth, Insert Foot ala Hillary

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid was right out there with Hillary “where are those darned records” Clinton bashing Dick Cheney about waiting 24 hours before reporting the hunting accident that left a man in the hospital. I wrote earlier about Clinton’s remarks regarding “forthcoming.” Harry Reid was his old partisan good for me but not for you self:

“I think it’s time the American people heard from the vice president, in a real meeting just like we’re having here,” says Reid, who called the George W. Bush presidency “the most secretive administration in modern history.”

So to Harry, waiting 24 hours to disclose information that personally affected the VP, not the country is being secretive. Cheney was on Fox News last evening and he said that he made the decision to wait so that they had accurate information to report. Cheney detailed how he did not want to have information put out until all the victim’s families had been notified and until they had accurate information. He indicated that Sunday morning they were pretty sure the victim would be OK so they decided to then release the news.

This only bothers the moonbats because it looks like something they can use for partisan reasons. I have already detailed how Hillary along with hubby Bill was not very forthcoming. It turns out that harry Reid was also not forthcoming himself. In August of 2005 Reid had a TIA (mini-stroke). He waited nearly 72 hours before the information was released to the media. The reason that Reid gave for the delay:

“The reason was the tests and the evaluations that they were doing. We wanted to make sure we knew what we were announcing. You need conclusive information.”

So Harry needs conclusive information and had to wait for tests and that was good enough. The press gave Reid a pass on the information. There was no media storm about the delay. Cheney waits to ensure the victim’s condition is known and that they have accurate information and the delay was one-third that of Reid’s yet Cheney was the one who was not forthcoming.

Democrats: Do as I say, not as I do.

Source: Fox News (via Drudge)

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