Harry Reid Needs Reality Check

The Senate voted today on John Bolton but as it has been with the donks, they obstructed the process and once again, cloture failed. The thing is, only three democrats voted to bring the matter to an end. As I recall, there were seven democrats involved in the deal that avoided the so-called nuclear option. One of the parts of the deal is that the seven would not obstruct the process. Looks like they lied. As I have stated in the past, never trust a democrat. The ink is never dried on the paper before they screw you.

I am on business in the great state of Alabama and I heard Harry Reid on the radio. The issue was over the failed vote and the possibility that the President would appoint Bolton during the Congressional recess. Reid said that it would be a big mistake to send a person to the UN who did not have the support of the Senate. He said the President would be sending a person who could not get approved by the Senate. I have a news flash for Reid. Bolton has the number of votes to get approved. The Senate has enough votes because the republicans are in control and they only need a simple majority to confirm him. What they don’t have is enough votes to stop the obstruction. The minority has decided to break its promise and is deliberately blocking the process by using a process that requires a super majority.

I see it that we have a few options. The first is to appoint Bolton during the recess. The UN will not care because they have their own problems. Once Bolton is in there he will do well and then he can be approved. We also need to target all obstructionists including the traitors in the republican party. We need to ensure that any of them up for reelection in 2006 are soundly defeated. If we can put different people in the Senate then there will be less chance of obstruction, especially if we elect more republicans. Voting those who are obstructing will send a very clear message to those who are left. Stop playing games.

The next thing we need to do is exercise the nuclear option. There should be no deals this time. The donks have shown they do not play well with others and they violated their part of the bargain. The Senate republicans should just tell them to go screw themselves and then exercise the option. Then we should push through every nominee we can before the next presidential election. The donks and people like John McCain brokered the deal that McCain described as a deal that would “pull this institution back from the precipice.” Yeah John. Now let’s stop living in Neverland and start acting like we are the majority party. Folks, McCain needs to be one of the ones who goes.

More on Bolton here.

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