Harry Reid Is Throwing A Tantrum

Harry Reid is not very happy and he is acting like a spoiled child all because Homeland Security Department Secretary Michael Chertoff took Las Vegas off the list of targeted cities with regard to terrorism. Now ordinarily, a person might be happy to know his home (though Reid spends most of his time in DC) is now considered safe. But Harry Reid and Clark County Sheriff Bill Young are joining forces to call for Chertoff’s resignation. Why you ask? Because Las Vegas stands to lose millions of dollars in taxpayer money that is earmarked for cities on the terrorist hit list.

This is a back door way to send a lot of our tax money to constituents and now Reid will have to find another way to bilk taxpayers. Reid and Young are not happy and they said Chertoff must not know his job because more people spent New Year’s Eve in Vegas than in New York. They have 40 million visitors a year and they very well could be hit. Of course, the 40 million are not there at one time but details, details. Disney World gets about 16 million visitors a year and Elvis Presley’s home (Graceland) gets 600,000 (for just one home) yet they are not protected under Homeland Security.

The donks don’t like it when things do not get their way so the first thing they do is go after the person who is “causing them the problem.” It is not like some thought did not go into this decision:

Chertoff defended the scaled-back approach as one that focuses federal grants on those areas most needing to make preparations, with the 35 locations decided by 3.2 billion calculations aimed at determining regions most susceptible to terrorism.

But Reid has to attack the man so he goes after another moonbat staple, Katrina. Reid said that Chertoff showed he was an inappropriate director with his lumbering response to Katrina (as quoted from the source). Reid said “He did a lousy job on Katrina.”


Sorry Harry, Vegas did not make the cut. Too bad you have to throw darts when things do not go your way. Perhaps you can see if Abramoff can give Vegas a little money. I am sure there are a few more tribal disputes you can handle…

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