Harry Reid is no Leader

Harry Reid boldly stated this past week that the war in Iraq was lost. He threw in the towel and that is unacceptable behavior for a person who is supposed to be a leader. I am sure that Reid feels this will bring more pressure on the administration to end the war but all he has done is send a signal to our troops that their so called leaders can not lead. Democrats were big on telling us how they could lead this country much better. All I see is them leading a charge to back out of a war and tell the terrorists and the rest of the world that bin Laden was right when he stated America did not have the stomach for a long battle. Our troops have noticed how the Democrats have failed to support them and they are not happy about it.

I understand that Reid was once a boxer and this is one of the reasons he illegally accepts tickets to boxing matches in Las Vegas. He accepts tickets for which he pays nothing and he fails to report them on his financial disclosure form (unless this “error” has been since corrected). I wonder if Harry ever threw in the towel when he was down a few rounds to an opponent. I can imagine Harry in the ring boxing and he is down after the third or fourth round so he says “OK, I am losing so I quit.” This would explain why he never made it as a boxer and instead pilfers money from the American public as a sham Senator. I am willing to bet however, that Harry Reid never threw in the towel or begged for a fight to stop because he was losing.

We are not losing in Iraq but Harry wants to throw in the towel and hand the enemy a victory and this is something that should not be tolerated by someone who is supposed to lead. The problem is that Harry suffers from liberalism and that mental disorder requires him to cut and run from any adversity involving America. He is required to say he supports the troops while stabbing them in the back and he is required to blame America for all the problems in the world. Perhaps the stroke Harry suffered damaged his brain more than we have been led to believe. The problem is, how would anyone actually know?

Harry, if you want the troops home (and everyone does) the best way to get them here is to WIN. I know Democrats can only focusing on winning when it involves an election so from now on they need to look at Iraq as an election and then maybe they will try just as hard to win there as they do to keep their jobs.

Reid, you are despicable and you are a disgrace to the United States. You might have the title of leader but you are not now, nor will you ever be, any kind of leader.

Big Dog

UPDATE: This Marine calls Harry Reid a douche. I can’t disagree with the guy.

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2 Responses to “Harry Reid is no Leader”

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  2. Virginia says:

    He is a piece of crap