Harry Reid is a Festering Pus Bucket

I am getting tired of hearing the stupidity that comes out of Harry Reid’s mouth. This little man is so extremely partisan and obstructive that he is eroding the ability of America to get things done. This jackass declared that the war was lost long ago and has shown no support whatsoever for the American military or its mission because he suffers from Bush Derangement Syndrome. He is so full of hatred for President Bush that he will ruin this country before he would play like part of the team. I have had enough of this squirt so it is time for me to unload both barrels into this maggot.

Harry Reid is a festering pustule that oozes sanguineous fluid like lava from a mountain because he is an infection in the Senate. Reid stated that the plan put forth by General Petraeus was unacceptable. It might actually seem like Reid (or any other Democrats that has been bashing the General) came to that conclusion after listening to what the man had to say. Instead, he and his minions in the media had their minds made up a month ago when good news was coming from Iraq with regard to the surge. The Democrats went into attack mode so they could discredit the General and the report before it was ever delivered. Reid has no idea about the issues because all this little piss ant knows how to do is run and hide. For a man who used to be a boxer he sure lacks courage as he attacks this war hero by using the media to bash him.

Harry Reid has now vowed that Ted Olson will will not get the confirmation of the Senate because Reid thinks he is too partisan. The article discusses how Reid will insure that Olson (assuming he is nominated) will be blocked and it discusses finding someone acceptable to the Democrats. I have news for you Harry Reid you piece of maggot infested rotting jackass meat, the president is not obligated to pick someone acceptable to you, the Democrats or anyone else. Your job is to give an up or down vote on the nominee and nothing else. The Attorney General is appointed by the president and serves at the convenience of the president. If he served at the convenience of the Senate or the Democrats or anyone else then those entities would be the one to select him and appoint him.

You should not be deciding who will or who will not be the AG or have any say, other than up or down, on any presidential nominee. The Republicans must be plain stupid because they approve the nominees of Democratic presidents without much objection but they always let you jackasses screw then when it comes time to approve for a Republican.

Harry Reid, I am tired of your treasonous behavior and your disregard for my country. I am tired of the way you talk about the troops and the president and anyone else with whom you disagree. I excused a lot of your behavior in the past because I assumed that you suffered brain damage to that little walnut that occupies your cerebral cavity. I am convinced that you are just an idiot and the stroke did little damage because you had few brains to begin with. You should be taken out back of the Capitol and shot for treason. But that is too easy for you. If I had my way you would be bound and gagged and airdropped in the middle of a terrorist training camp so that you could experience first hand what the evil that we face.

You are not a man, you are a puke, you are not a human being. You are a sub human life form that sucks scum out of the bottom of the garbage can and you are a festering sore on the butt of America. You are a poor excuse for a leader and you should be removed from your position immediately and replaced with a button that does absolutely nothing more efficiently. You only get away with your games because you are in the Senate and you think you are a privileged individual. You know that you would not make it in the real world. I can promise you that if you worked with me and ran your mouth I would kick your ass from one side of the street to the other and then kick it back for good measure. Then I would smack the hell out of you for good measure just because you are a puss filled scum bucket that is so full of crap that your eyes are brown and your burps smell like farts.

It is too bad that six years ago you were not visiting the Pentagon or on a plane heading west. Maybe you can have a Kennedy drive you or fly you next time.

Big Dog

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14 Responses to “Harry Reid is a Festering Pus Bucket”

  1. Harry Reid is a traitor. And he’s not the only one on Capitol Hill.

  2. Patsy says:

    For once, hehehe, (cough, sputter) Big Dog, (ahem) hehehehe, I have absolutely, ha ha ha ha ha, nothing (cough, spit, sputter) to say! (Phew)

  3. Psycmeistr says:

    Harry Reid has now vowed that Ted Olson will will not get the confirmation of the Senate because Reid thinks he is too partisan.

    Heh. Pot, meet kettle.

  4. Katy the mean old lady says:

    I laughing so hard that my coffee just came out my nose!What a charming picture!)
    Thank you SO much!

  5. I haven’t laughed like I just did in awhile. Thanks. It’s OK Big Dog, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.

    You’re right about Harry Reid’s behavior and motivations.

    He just said, on CSpan that the surge is a failure and quotes reports from bureaucrats in DC, not the General who has lived there. Those of course are the political objectives. And a major political objective (the oil revenues) is coming close to happening. All the more reason for the Dems to want to trash the effort and quit, before that happens and a momentum gets started toward progress. But totally ignoring all of what Petraeus just told his sorry ass, he insists the surge is a failure and we need to bring the troops home in larger numbers and sooner. IE. before we succeed in the mission. Harry Reid is the mouthpiece of the Soros wing of their party, now the mainstream it seems.

  6. irtexas44 says:


    Right on. Can you even imagine living in the same house with that whinny piece of what you said. I don’t know if you saw Dennis Miller on O’Reilly last night but he said if Reid had to meet with Gen. Patraeus he would have just decinigrated in to flames. That would have been a great show.

    Then the Hitlerbeast just all but called the Gen. Patraeus a lair. I’m surprised the lighting bolt didn’t come down then. How that bitch can even show her face is a wonder.

    I did see on some of the different web sites that the pink ruffle pantie crowds are coming on Saturday to show you guys. Stomp them in the dirt. If they have the courage to show up. I heard Sheehan is going to play dead and read all of the names of the fallen heros out. I hope somebody pees on her.

    Give them hell.

  7. Virginia says:

    Amen!! no one can say it better than Bigdog. Love ya.

  8. David M says:

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    A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  9. Frank Nofsinger says:

    Big Dog, Sir-
    Kindly make your position clear!
    Seriously, AMEN!

  10. Patsy says:

    Hehehehe, Big Dog, I think you struck a nerve with everyone with this rant about our illustrious Majority Leader Harry Reid.

    FYI, rumor has the great Majority Leader is entangled with Hillary Clinton bundler, Norman Hsu, who also has ties to Las Vegas and another disgraced fundraiser, also serving time in prison, one Jack Abramoff. Wouldn’t it be wonderful it our lovely Majority Leader was finally brought down and put behind bars where he belongs?

    It would serve him right, I have always thought the man belonged in prison.

  11. irtexas44 says:

    I wonder how the sniveling little piece of crap likes being the worst Majority Leader in history? And running a close race with the Pet Rock Pelosi for the worst Speaker of the house in history.

    Reid should be sharing a cell with Murtha and Kerry. That is a big in justice and I don’t know why they are still loose on the public.

  12. sub says:

    harry reid is a piece of sh*t. every time i see him on TV i feel like punching his face in. course i don’t mean that, it’s just a real good fantasy…..