Harry Reid; Don’t Know What To Do – Do Nothing

In midst of all the turmoil on Wall Street when Americans are looking to their elected leaders to finally do something, the Democratically controlled Congress is set to recess and leave the mess for the Fed and the Treasury. The House will adjourn on the 26th and the Senate a week later and they will not reconvene until after the national election in November where they will diddle around for a few weeks and leave for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They call this the do nothing Congress for a reason.

The Democrats want you to believe that they are fit to lead this country. They want you to believe that they are equipped to handle the problems facing America. In two important items facing us they have the same general plan and that plan is retreat. They want to pull the troops out of Iraq and hand them a defeat (though Obama does not want the Iraqis negotiating for this right now can you say – treason). They also want to retreat from the mess that they caused on Wall Street.

Make no mistake about it, the Democrats are the reason we have this mess. They can call it failed policies of George Bush but that is incorrect. The whole mess was out in place under Bill Clinton. He and his Democrats made it easy for people to get loans regardless of their creditworthiness. Now those people can’t pay their loans. Couple this with the number of Democrats who held positions of power in Fannie and Freddie, people who raped us to the tune of millions, and you have the perfect storm. Throw in a little corporate greed and mix it with Democrats ignoring warnings from Bush and McCain and you end up with the mess we are seeing.

The Democrats are criticizing George Bush, John McCain and the Republican party for this mess but they are doing nothing to fix it. They talk about failed policies but the only thing the Democrats have offered came from Democratic Senator Harry Reid who said; “no one knows what to do.”

This is a supposed leader and he is saying no one knows what to do. Senator, the thing to do was to have tighter control five years ago when George Bush wanted it. Instead, you Democrats played games. To give you the benefit of the doubt though, maybe no one knows quite what to do but I can assure you this, going home is not the proper course of action. I know all you pampered idiots are tired from all the work you have done after returning from your FIVE WEEK VACATION but going home is not acceptable. Real leaders would stay and get this resolved.

Then again, no one ever accused Democrats of being leaders.

No one knows what to do so let’s go home and watch it on the news.

Keep both chambers of Congress in session as long as it takes to get things in order. Anyone who leaves in the midst of this does not deserve your vote.

The Democrats all talk about leadership and how they are ready to lead the country. It would appear that the only thing they will lead is the way out of the Capitol so they can take another vacation.

Losers, losers, losers.

Senator Reid, terrorists just detonated a bomb in [name a major city]; what should we do?

No one knows.


Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Harry Reid; Don’t Know What To Do – Do Nothing”

  1. Victoria says:

    “The Democrats are criticizing George Bush, John McCain and the Republican party for this mess…..”

    This has been their whole platform and they screamed it loud enough and long enough and got people to actually believing it and to vote them in to power in 2006.  All they know how to do is follow Hillary’s hero Saul Alinsky who said agitate, agitate, agitate and use fear until things blow up. Well, things are about to blow up big time. I heard one commentator say they don’t even know where the bottom of this is going to come out at.  We have a Democratic controlled Senate and Congress and they don’t want to fix it, they want socialism and it has been the way of the people that when things start looking bad financially they start voting Democratic and looking to the government to fix things.
    As Pat Buchanan on Townhall puts it…
    We are going to have to learn to live again without our means. The party’s over!

  2. Christinewjc says:

    Excellent post, Big Dog.  That quote from Harry Reid is truly scary!  The incompetence of the current Dem leaders in Congress is astounding!!

    The fact that they are willing to just leave during this terrible financial crisis leads me to believe that they really just don’t care!  Besides that, maybe they are happy about it?

    It may only be speculation on my part, but I smell a conspiracy in the midst of all of this!

    I would like your opinion about my latest post:

    <a href=”http://talkwisdom.blogspot.com/2008/09/financial-terrorism.html”>Financial Terrorism?!</a>

  3. Victoria says:

    According to CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, the federal government’s prevention of the collapse of American International Group (AIG) represents an acceptance of Marxist philosophies. Cramer added, “Their ideology was such they believed everyone should own a home including people who were deadbeats. They were anti-regulation. Now we’ve spent $900 billion… we’re all communists now.”

  4. GodsModernDayMartyr says:

    When I heard this yesterday, my blood was boiling more than ever! Nothing to do? What about the open border and the war with the Mexican drug runners and murderers?  What about no health care for 45 million Americans?  Socail Security, or more important the pending demise of Medicare?  How about all those bills and documents they stuff in those drawers?  I’m pretty damn sure there’s something to do. But, besides all that, lets step back and look at the big picture.  What is about to really happen and Congress will not be caught in a public building when the masses become unruly.  Starting Monday the 22nd….all hell will break lose1