Happy Thanksgiving Open Trackback Party

I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. We here at the Dog’s house are thankful for men like Jack Idema and the great patriots in our armed forces. As you enjoy time with family and friends please take time to remember our fighting forces, who are far from home, in your prayers.

The Dog will have a house full of company so this will be an open trackback post. Link as often as you like.

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25 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving Open Trackback Party”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Day With Thanks

    I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year. My son came home safely from Iraq, my daughter is doing well in her career (without financial support from Mom – yippee!), my youngest just brought home a report card from his first trimester as a high sch…

  2. Rosemary says:


  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    This Thanksgiving I would like everyone to set a place at the table for the Soldier who is not home for this year’s Thanksgiving

  4. Wild Thing says:

    Happy Thanksgiving BIGDOG. Thank you for your kindness and friendship.
    Thank you for serving our country and for being the person you are.
    You make a difference in the world and touch many lives. Thank you!

  5. Happy Birthday Mom

    My mother would have been 74 years old today. She died in 1985 of lung cancer at age 53. My mom was a two pack a day smoker. I hate the stuff.

    Mom I wished you lived long enough to meet my wife. I know you would have liked her. I miss you and have…

  6. The Knucklehead of the Day award

    Today’s winner is CNET Networks

  7. Please help re-unite this Mother and her son

    The only problem is money, the Vattiats have spent thousands to get this far and need help to buy two plane tickets, one round-trip for an adult and a one-way for Christian to fly here to the US. If you have the means, please contribute. What a great…

  8. Don Surber says:

    Cranberries Beat Mr. Tooth Decay

    Picking up on some intellectual journal (Caries Research — on your magazine stand between FHM and Maxim) Reuters reports that cranberries may prevent tooth decay.
    It trots out Hyun Koo, an oral biologist at the University of Rochester Medical Cente…

  9. Cao says:

    Hey dog, God bless you and your family! Cao.

  10. Don Surber says:

    The Best Argument For A 100% Inheritance Tax

    With a hat tip to Drew Curtis at Fark the best argument for a 100% inheritance tax:
    Paris Hilton believed ‘Santa’ was real until 17!
    I know. I know. She is probably making this moronoic stuff up to feed her craven desire for attention from stranger…

  11. Random Yak says:

    Link Logic in the new (eco)system

    Tip of the horns (because Yaks look stupid in hats) to the many bloggers – including Samantha Burns and Adam’s Blog – for helping a sorry Yak understand the new system logic behind posts, open trackbacks and linkage. I will now try to condense what I …

  12. New Trackback Policy

    With the change to the TTLB tracking of trackback parties I will no longer hide trackbacks into the “Read More” section of my post. I use Holoscan for trackbacks which do not show up on the main page so from now on I will manually cut and past all tr…

  13. Don Surber says:

    The Next Wal-Mart Millionaire

    Meet the next Wal-Mart millionaire. This unidentified man is charged with the high and hideous crime of linejumping. Who does he think he is? John Kerry?
    Store security immediately pounced upon the guy and wrestled him to the ground. But they were und…

  14. Saturday Morning Trackback

    Good Morning. I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving. I spent most of yesterday doing the decorating thing. You know, hanging from the gutters stringing Christmas lights. Had only intended to put up a few lights but it kind of turned into a com…

  15. Don Surber says:

    We Won. Let’s Go Home

    Every day, sites such as Argghhh! and Mudville Gazette say how swell things are going.
    My argument was in light of all these good-things-MSM-doesn’t-report posts from all over, why are they still there? Building schools is not the job of the Army. T…

  16. Don Surber says:

    Christmas 1, PC 0

    The mayor of Encinitas, Calif., is today’s hero. Tired of all the politically correct nonsense, Dan Dalager has changed the name of the town’s annual parade back to the Christmas Parade. Woo-hoo.
    “There is a Christian holiday called Christmas that …

  17. Genocide: U.S. calls for more sanctions against Sudan, but Germany sees business opportunities

    The German media is very critical of any wrong doing by the US government, a few US soldiers and many US companies. Hedge funds were not just characterized as bloodsuckers, but as American bloodsuckers. German companies receive less criticism. Sometimes t

  18. Don Surber says:

    Saddam’s Evil Continues

    The evil of the regime of Saddam Hussein continues from the political grave, the Times of London reports.
    Saddam faces chrges of the slaughter of 143 people in Dujail, at least 46 of whom were tortured in prison before execution. Yet this incident h…

  19. Lazy Weekend Open Trackback

    While we’re sleeping, make a link to this post, then trackback this URL and sunday in the evening (Italian Timezone: GMT -1) will be added at the end of this post. If you can’t make a trackback, use Simpletrack di Adam Kalsey or Wizbang Standalone Tr…

  20. Don Surber says:

    A Good Withdrawal

    The most underrated story of the week is U.S. troop withdrawal from Uzbekistan. Following 9/11, America used this Asian nation as a staging area for the Afghanistan theater of the War on Terrorism.
    Well, it turned out the Uzbek regime terrorizes its o…

  21. The Tar Pit says:

    Fred Barnes pimps the Bush Amnesty

    The Bush Amnesty would grant vast preferences to illegals who’ve also worked illegally, over potential guest workers who haven’t broken our laws. The only objective criterion for this injustice would be that the illegal has broken several laws and ot…

  22. I’m honoured for the nomination

  23. Random Yak says:

    Link Logic in the New (Eco)system

    Tip of the horns (because Yaks look stupid in hats) to the many bloggers – including Samantha Burns and

  24. Random Yak says:

    Link Logic in the New (Eco)system

    Tip of the horns (because Yaks look stupid in hats) to the many bloggers – including Samantha Burns and